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June 17, 2016

Hello! And welcome to this week’s Road Book update. We’ve got quite a bit to talk about, having pushed out a patch yesterday – so get ready for the latest news on DiRT.

Pikes Peak International Hillclimb


To celebrate the 100th anniversary of The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC), we’ve brought a free update to the game! This update will see the PPIHC official logo and branding come to DiRT Rally, which will help bring the event to life and make it as true as a representation of the event as possible.

It’s not only our Art guys who have been hard at work on this Pikes Peak update too. After your feedback, we’ve refined the handling characteristics of the hill climb cars – allowing again, for a more truthful representation of the event itself. The refinement will allow you to now get maximum satisfaction when attacking the Race to the Clouds – all in the efforts of being crowned King of the Mountain.

Some of you guys have already had your first few attempts using the new handling, and have been shaving seconds off your quickest times – so the tweaks that we’ve made look like they’re making the cars much more competitive.


More on that later – but as you’re aware, this update has addressed a lot of the feedback we’ve had from you since April’s update. You can find the full fix list right here.

On the patch, we’re aware that those with Thrustmaster are experiencing some issues with settings and calibration. Thanks for your immediate feedback on this, and we’re looking into rectifying these issues ASAP. If you’ve identified any other bugs or concerns with this patch, please head over to Reddit, Steam or our Codemasters Forums to share them with us – but we’ll keep you posted on the FFB stuff in all of the usual places.

FIA World Rallycross Championship – a weekend in Hell

Once again, it was an insanely impressive weekend over in Hell for the FIA World Rallycross Championship. Andreas Bakkerud was utterly unstoppable on home turf in Norway, picking up the DiRT Rally Clean Sweep achievement in real life, and being the first person in WRX history to top the Heat Leaderboard, win his semi-final and win the final too! If you missed the action, the guys over at @FIAWorldRX have put together a couple of handy highlights videos from the weekend, which you can catch up with here:

It may have been in Hell, but it was a heavenly weekend for Bakkerud and Hoonigan Racing. Their Focus RS is only a few races deep into its World RX career and is already in a place to be dominating a weekend, which is an extraordinarily feat.

There was less luck for DiRT favourite Liam Doran, who thankfully walked away from this pretty brutal flip:

WRX competition winners

And now on to our competition winners! If you can cast your minds back to our last Road Book, we asked you to get in touch with your predictions for Hell RX. Those of you who guessed correctly were entered into  a prize draw, and we’re pleased to reveal that our two winners were…

We’ve dropped you DMs on Twitter, but just in case you’ve missed them – drop us a line, because we want to send some prizes. ;)

DiRT Rally VR at E3

You might have seen that we dropped this cheeky picture on Instagram this week…

Just going to leave this here… #E3 #E32016 #Thrustmaster #Oculus

A photo posted by DiRT (@dirtgame) on

Oculus support wasn’t included in the patch that just went out – and as you can see, it’s still a work in progress – but it’ll be coming to you guys in the very near future. Keep your eyes peeled! Feedback from E3 is that the official support is absolutely mega (unsurprising, but still nice to hear!) – so with some final tweaks, we’re hoping to hit you right in your hearts as your number one VR racing experience.  

Hangin’ with Hatward

 Hello DiRT friends! It’s been a while! What’s happening? Well, I’ll tell you what’s new with us. In the latest DiRT Rally update we’re celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Pikes Peak International with a completely refreshed Hillclimb experience. All game modes have been updated to provide a more authentic representation of our #1-all-time-favourite mountain in Colorado.

The first thing you’ll notice is the environmental dressing is now an exact replica of what you’d find at a real life PPIHC event. The start gantry, crowd placement, sponsor boards, hay bales, and vehicle liveries all reflect the real experience at Pikes Peak. As racing fans ourselves, we’re so pleased we could do this iconic event justice. As well as set dressing, we’ve given our suite of Hillclimb Cars a tune up to refresh things a little. There are a few changes under the hood that make the cars feel much more grounded on the track, and while the cars were quick before…you can REALLY push up the mountain now. I’m expecting some much faster times so let us know how you get on with your own personal Climb Dance.

It’s not all good news though. As some of you have noticed, there are some…not so legit times topping our Leaderboards. We plugged some security holes in the latest patch, and bans have been issued for bad behaviour. Unfortunately, that doesn’t solve the problem of the cheat times that have already been posted. Sadly there’s no way for us to tell which times have been posted fairly, apart from the ridiculously short ones. Since so much work has been done to improve security in the last 18 months, and with bans issued to weed out the cheaters, we’re going to wipe the Steam leaderboards and start with a clean slate. Think of it as DiRT Rally: Season 2.

I know this is a nuke-it-from-orbit measure and there are a lot of you that have set some incredible times, and really we can only apologise for you losing that status on the Leaderboards. Your PBs are stored locally in your save game so you will at least have a record of your accomplishments, as well as a benchmark to aim for after the wipe.

That’s about it from me for this Road Book but I’m always around on Twitter to chat – you can find me on @Hatward. Interested to hear what you think about the latest patch, the leaderboard wipe, and just generally shooting the breeze about DiRT.  

Tweets of the week

  As always, you guys send us awesome stuff every week – so here’s just a snapshot of some of that.  


Screenshot of the week

Screenshot of the week goes to something a bit different today. We love this close-up from Muz over on Steam – very cool.


Video of the week

Where does real life stop and the game begin? In this video, who knows. This awesome Rallycross POV blurs the lines between virtual and reality – and the driver’s pretty handy on the wheel too!


That’s all for today, folks – but have a great weekend, and we’ll catch up with you in a couple of weeks!

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