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July 15, 2015

So this morning I arrive at work and follow my usual morning routine of popping the kettle on when a reminder pops up on my phone… it’s our birthday, how could I forget! 17 years ago today I bunked off school, headed into town on the bus and picked up a copy of Colin McRae Rally on the PlayStation from Electronics Boutique. Let that be a lesson to you all… stay in school or you’ll wind up as a Community Manager!


Seriously though, it’s an honour to be part of something that means so much to so many of you. I’ll stop being such a sentimental old fool now and hand you over to DiRT’s Chief Game Designer Paul Coleman for all the DiRTy Gossip on what we’re working on this week.

Kick It With @Kick_Up

It’s incredible to think that it has been 17 years since I first played the game that got me interested in working at Codemasters and set me on the career path that has brought me to where I am today. I was 17 at the time, so it’s pretty amazing to think that I’ve spent half of my life with this franchise. I was shown the original design documents for Colin McRae Rally a couple of months ago and it was very interesting seeing how the ambition and direction matched very closely to what we have set out to achieve with DiRT Rally. It fills me with pride to know that we’re continuing the legacy of the Colin McRae Rally series today.

Anniversaries aside, we’ve been speaking to the technicians at Cooper Tires – the sole tyre supplier to World RX. They have really helped us get more information about the way their tyres perform and this has enabled us to get our Rallycross cars behaving much more like their real world counterparts. It’s really exciting because this is just the beginning. We plan to work more closely together in the future and use even more accurate data to add more depth to our tyre model.

Don’t. Cut.


Today we hit a pretty epic milestone; today we’re proud to announce that collectively you guys have driven over one million clean stages. Looks like you guys have started listening to your co-driver.

World RX

If you happened to miss the news last week we’re really pleased to announce that we’re teaming up with the FIA World Rallycross to bring you World RX content in DiRT Rally this summer.

You can read more about that right here…

Tweets of the Week

Lots of people on Twitter and Facebook are joining us in talking about our birthday today and we’re getting some awesome messages. This Tweet has to be one of our favourites though.

Video of the Week

Love that tune

That’s your lot for this week, be sure to take part in our very special Birthday Online Event (we’re giving away the big bucks), swing by the forums or subreddit and add to our #WishlistWednesday.

I’m off to grab one last slice of cake and we’ll be back next week.

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