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July 22, 2016

Hello! It’s been a little while since our last Road Book, so we hope you’re all having wonderful summers. Especially those of you in the UK, who’ve been enjoying some freakishly good weather over the past couple of days. Cherish it, as in our experience the Great British Summer usually lasts about four days. ;)

Anyway, without any further ado – here is this week’s Road Book entry!

DiRT Rally VR

DiRT Rally VR has officially landed, and to some pretty awesome critical acclaim. The lovely guys over at uploadvr.com said this of their hands-on with it: ‘DiRT Rally VR is the new high water mark for VR racing games. It never shies away from the challenges of this new medium and consistently offers creative solutions to maintain both its functionality and its sense of fun. DiRT is able to remind you at every turn just how exciting, surprising, and enjoyable racing simulators in VR can truly be.’

Not only that, but roadtovr.com have been preeeeeetty kind to us on the review front too: ‘[DiRT Rally’s move] move from screen to headset has a bigger impact on the experience than any of the circuit-focused sims. At its best, it delivers an awesome, exhilarating drive that is unlike any other VR racing game to date.’

Don’t just take the reviews’ word for it though – some of you have been getting to grips with it too, sharing and recording your VR gameplay… and it looks as though you’re all loving it! We particularly enjoyed GamerMuscle’s video, if you fancy a gander – we’re looking forward to seeing more of his DiRT Rally videos in the future:

FIA World Rallycross Championship

Podium - Holjes RX

Well,  WRX has seen plenty of action these past few weeks – both on and off the track. Bakkerud’s having an absolute blinder of a summer, and after a couple of outstanding performances both at home in Hell and in Holjes he’s sitting in third in the overall standings. Ekstrom tops the results so far, with Solberg a mere five points behind – so it’s all to play for as we enter the last half of the season.

Cars - Holjes RX

With the awesome Canadian, French and Spanish rounds lined up over the next couple of months, we imagine things will be getting pretty tasty over the next few races. If you need a hand getting up to speed with what happened in Holjes before the teams touch down in Canada, then take two and a half minutes to watch this:

Finally, we’ll be seeing a change in the World RX driver line-up. JRM Racing have terminated their agreement with GB’s Liam Doran, effective immediately – meaning that Liam’s final appearance with the team was at the World RX of Sweden event. However, JRM is continuing preparations for the remaining rounds of the season, and the scheduled development programme for its MINI RX Supercar will remain unaffected.

Doran - Holjes RX

Hangin’ with Hatward

Hey there, and greetings from the studio! We’ve been very interested in your responses to this tweet this week, as well as how you responded to this follow up. I spend a lot of my time thinking about the multiplayer aspects of our games and it’s great that we all seem to be on the same page for what you’d want to see from us next. There’s some great ideas out there already but please do keep them coming! We’re always listening. Even when it’s quiet and we haven’t got that much we can openly talk about.

So… here’s a follow up question – what’s your favourite multiplayer mode from any game in any genre?

While we’re on the subject of multiplayer, the results are in from the Weekly Event re-runs from the last couple of weeks. Congratulations to all of our new VIPs, who placed in the top three on their respective platforms. We’ll announce the winners and appoint their shields soon!

That about wraps it up from me – hope you all have a great weekend. Catch you in a couple of weeks.

Tweets of the Week

As always, your tweets have been joyful and magical over the past couple of weeks.  Here’s just a handful of our favourites!

And in an arguably odd turn of events, we’re going to stick our own tweet in here too…

As Hatward mentioned, it’s not too late to throw your two-penneth in… we’re always listening. ;)

Screenshot of the Week

It’s been really hot this week… so we’re cooling it down with this picture. No, it’s not a Christmas card print – it’s AZWew’s awesome Swedish screenshot.


Video of the Week

We spend a lot of time marveling at people with awesome wheels and rigs, but this week we’re showing you all that you don’t need a wheel to be the best at DiRT Rally. For instance, take Ryu Makkuro – he nailed a WR with his DualShock 4 earlier this week! You can watch that blistering run right here:

That’s all for this week’s entry! Sorry it’s a little on the short side – we do have some really cool stuff going on here, but it’s nothing we can talk about… yet. ;) See you in a couple of weeks’ time!

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