DIRT 5 Rear View – August 2020



August 31, 2020

Since May, we’ve been telling you to expect something big to drop in August for DIRT 5. So, did we deliver?

Revealed during gamescom’s Opening Night Live show, welcome to Playgrounds – the brand new community-driven feature, coming to all versions of DIRT 5. Giving you the ability to create, share, discover and play on player-made racing arenas, Playgrounds is all about boundless creativity and endless possibilities. Whether it’s custom gymkhana maps, death-run time trials, or devious treasure hunts, prepare to find – and contribute to – a massive selection of fresh experiences in DIRT 5, through Playgrounds. Pretty sweet, right? More details right over here.


It’s incredibly exciting to finally reveal Playgrounds, but we know it’s a lot to take in. How does it all work? What will Playgrounds actually look like, and how will it play? We wanted to answer all these questions as quickly as possible. So, head over to this Codies Blog post, where we’ve put together a clear and detailed guide on everything you need to know about Playgrounds in DIRT 5.

Then, check out this YouTube playlist, where we’ve gathered a host of early-access gameplay of Playgrounds, captured exclusively by our Racing Ahead content creators. Whilst the version of the game the creators are using is work-in-progress, you get a good sense of the breadth and scope of Playgrounds – as well as just how much they’re enjoying it already. Watch a couple of videos and see what sparks your creativity ahead of October 16.


We started gamescom 2020 in big fashion, revealing Playgrounds to the world, and we ended gamescom 2020 in equal style. Revealed during Sunday’s Best of Show awards, DIRT 5 won the gamescom Best Racing Game award! Congratulations to the entire DIRT 5 team, and thank you to everyone who has supported the game so far. Launch is now just a few weeks away and we can’t wait to get the game in your hands.


Before the fun and games of Playgrounds, we got into some more detail on a couple more big features for DIRT 5 in August. First up, photo mode – a huge community request that we’re excited to be including in all versions of the game. DIRT 5’s photo mode is one of the most detailed and customisable you’ll find in any genre, with tools like spotlights, multi-layer filters, RGB control and more allowing you to capture every moment in your own way. Check out this thread for all the deets, then jump to this post featuring the amazing CROWNED, showing just how detailed you can get with DIRT 5’s photo mode.


What’s any road trip without a killer playlist? Adding to the vibe of DIRT 5 is a star-studded official soundtrack, with over 40 artists and multiple exclusive tracks that you’ll hear for the first time in the game. Global stars like Stormzy, The Killers, Pearl Jam and The Chemical Brothers are joined by hot new acts like The Mysterines, Sports Team, Hockey Dad and The Amazons, with much more in between. Alongside the in-game soundtrack (which, yes, you can listen to during races), look for an OST release coinciding with DIRT 5’s launch, in partnership with Universal. Nice. Get into the vibe of DIRT 5 already by listening to the soundtrack on Spotify now.



We may’ve revealed our mystery feature in Playgrounds, but don’t think for a second that we’re slowing down in September. We’ll be diving deep into the Multiplayer for DIRT 5, confirming all modes and ways to race against the world. That’s our key focus for September, but there’ll be plenty more coming between now and launch, including the final car list and more gameplay.

DIRT 5 launches on October 16 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, followed later this year by Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. The next-gen versions will be optimised for the new consoles, including a 120fps mode. Any DIRT 5 players on current-gen consoles will receive a FREE upgrade to the relevant next-gen version when they launch!

Pre-order DIRT 5 Amplified Edition for a host of rewards, as well as three days early access. Head here to pre-order and find out more.

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