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August 7, 2015

Well what a busy week it’s been this week! We’ve seen the launch of our first World RX update, had a livestream, invited a few of you to help us test our PVP update (we need to think of a better name for that), we’ve been watching your videos, published a blog post, read your feedback, tried some new type of daily events and we even managed to get a quick fix out for the weird “press A” crash.


As ever I will now hand you over to the oh so pretty Paul Coleman for an update on what’s going on in the Studio this week.

Kick it with Kick_Up

Thanks bae! Once we’d got all the excitement of the World RX update out of the way we took the time to catch up on the action from Rally Finland this weekend. Watching some of the on board videos has given us a few pointers as to how we can improve the Finland stages that we currently have in production so we are undertaking that work as I write this. We’ll hopefully be recording the co driver calls for the second Finland route next week.

Now back to the Rallycross. This week marked the first week of our AI boot camp, we’ve been looking at the times you guys have been setting and we are getting a pretty good idea of how much more time we need to get out of them but if you guys are posting on the forums telling us about the AI not being fast enough please make sure that you let us know what sort of lap and race times you are getting so that we can double check that our training is going according to plan.

Last up I’ve been brushing up on my rally theory for a bit of a feature I’m working on. More on that in the coming weeks but it’s starting to come together rather nicely.

DiRT Rally World RX Update

At the start of last month we announced our partnership with the FIA World Rallycross Championship and the first of two new World RX updates which will bring the world’s fastest growing motorsport to DiRT Rally.

V.0.6 more commonly known as the World RX Update is now live and we’re really excited to be working with the team at the FIA World Rallycross to bring you a choice selection of drivers, cars and some of the best circuits in the calendar.

Read the full list of everything we’ve added in this week’s update here…

Everything you need to know about DiRT Rally’s World RX Career

Rallycross is a fantastic motorsport and is immensely popular, so I was really keen to do it justice in our game. As with the Rally and Hillclimb disciplines, we wanted to use DiRT Rally as an opportunity to create the most authentic  recreation of the sport that we’ve ever done, so we started by partnering with the FIA World Rallycross Championship. With this partnership in place, we set about translating all of the elements that make up the sport into our game; the mighty World Rallycross Supercars, the epic 6-a-breast starts, the game-changing Joker laps and most crucially, the full FIA World Rallycross event structure (Qualifying Heats, Semi Finals and the Final).

Let’s take a look at how it all works.

Screenshots of the Week

This first one came in pretty much straight off the bat from SgtBenton and gets top honour this week.


We’ve been sifting through the #RXDiRT hashtag on Twitter too and love what you’ve been sending us in. Keep them coming, here are some of your favourite so far.

Tweet of the Week

We know some of you think you’re hardcore but are you thermal-imaging-camera-on-your-rig-hardcore? The answer is no.

Video of the Week

Inside Sim Racing get the new guy to take our World RX update for a spin.

And there you have it another busy week at Codemasters, we’re all off to watch this weekend’s round of the FIA World Rallycross Championship in Canada. Follow @FIAWorldRX on Twitter for all the action and we’ll see you next week.

Don’t forget to joker.

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