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August 14, 2015

Another week passes and we’re another week closer our next World RX update featuring a collection of new cars, a new circuit and the ability to race online against your friends but we’ve got a load of work to do before that!


The biggest thing we’ve got going on at the moment is our Beta PVP testing; now we know what you’re thinking… Why are we beta testing something that is in Early Access? That’s because we want to make sure it works as well it can and our team of expert test drivers have been busy helping us buff out the dents and get us as ready as we can be. If you happen to be one of our test drivers thank you.

As ever I’ll now hand you over to DiRT’s Chief Game Designer Paul Coleman for an update from the studio.

Kick it with @Kick_Up

The improvements we decided to make to our Finland stages are now well under way and I’m glad to say that they have made a significant improvement to the way the stages feel. It’s now way more important to listen to the calls and position the car accordingly if you want to maintain a decent pace while avoiding any massive moments. I also took to the D-Box again this week to get the rest of the Finland co driver calls recorded. They are now in the process of getting edited and placed in game.

We’ve been doing more PvP testing in the studio and we still have a fair amount to tidy up. The process has been made a lot easier by the fact that we have some of our DiRTy Gossipers helping us out every evening. We’ll be hitting it hard over the next week to try and get as much fixed as possible before we eventually set the pack live.

As for the AI boot camp… those guys are really starting to apply their knowledge now and the results are looking promising. They should be able to offer you a much better challenge in the next update but if you are one of those alien types then you’ll probably still give them a kicking.

Now and Then

A great thread popped up on the forums recently talking about the old Colin McRae and DiRT games with a few members sharing screenshots and their memories of our older games. VirtualIceman put together some great comparison shots that are so good we had to share them.


View the full thread here…

FIA World Rallycross Championship

Stepping away from the game and into the real world for just a moment if you happened to miss last weekend’s round of ht FIA World Rallycross in Canada you can catch up with the highlights from the final here.

Tweet of the Week

So you know how some of you picked up on the fact the Subaru didn’t sound quite like a real one? Well that’s because we had some trouble tracking one down to record. Well guess what…

A huge thank you to Ryan Champion for the help and to everybody else from the world of rally who has helped digitally recreate these awesome machines.

Screenshot of the Week

A collection of DiRT Rally 4k goodness from @andressergiox

Video of the Week

We loved this!

Another week and another DiRT Rally Road Book under the belt, as ever we’ll be back next Friday (it’s our new regular slot) with more DiRTy Gossip.

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