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August 19, 2016

Hiya, us again! No prizes for guessing that yes, this is our latest Road Book entry. ;) This week’s seen all sorts from Codies HQ – including ‘top bantz’ with the WRC game guys, a couple of PC patches for DiRT Rally and a game launch (welcome to the world, F1 2016!)… So as you can imagine, it’s been a pretty busy week.

While the schedule has been rather hectic, we’ve still managed to find the time for our biweekly round-up – so without any further ado, here’s what’s new with us.


DiRT Rally v1.21

We released an update for DiRT Rally PC players on Monday, which has added some really beneficial finesse and fixes to our VR game. If you missed the patch notes, don’t worry – here’s the full fix list for v1.21:

Graphics – Improvements to significantly reduce object popping during track intros and replays in VR.

Graphics – Wheel will no longer lock to the left if you use the ultra low graphical preset.

Graphics – Desktop image when playing in VR is no longer stretched.

Graphics – Improvements to prevent the environment popping in the distance during a dynamic

Game – You can now remap the headset position reset function in Controls for VR.

Game – You can no longer press pause during the fade to black when you restart an event in VR.

Audio – Razer Kraken will no longer cause the game to crash on boot.

HUD – Split time will no longer overlap co-driver calls in VR.

HUD – Repair puncture tooltip will no longer overlap speedometer in VR.

HUD – Legibility improvements for smaller text elements in VR.

HUD – Hud should no longer fall into your line of sight on hills if you have VR Vehicle Camera Motion turned on.

HUD – Fix to prevent the “Recover Vehicle” tooltip remaining on screen when you have accepted an invite during gameplay.

UI – Stereoscopic Rendering and V-Sync are removed when playing the game in VR.

UI – VR Options in HUD are removed if you are not playing in VR.

UI – A Message will now be displayed if you access the Steam Overlay in VR letting you know to take off your headset.

UI – Certain pop up messages should now display correctly in VR.

The update went out on both Steam and Oculus at 10am on Monday morning, and you were all hot on the heels of some audio issues with the patch. Thanks to your feedback, we were able to fix with a couple of days later, which leads us to…

DiRT Rally v1.22

V1.22 landed on Wednesday to remedy these issues, and for those who missed this, the fix list included:

Audio – Engine and Co-Driver balance is now back to how it was in 1.20.

Audio – Surround now works like it did in 1.20.

Audio – Engine audio during post race sequence now plays out correctly.

However, we’ve had a couple of reports that sound still isn’t working properly in VR – so if you’re one of these unlucky people, then please check your Rift is your default playback device in your Sound settings and  send your dxdiag to dirtgame[at]codemasters.com.

F1 2016 – out now!

If you’re a fan of Codies in general, then it won’t come as a surprise to you that this week’s been monumentally exciting (and busy). F1 2016 landed today, and it’s gone down an absolute storm with everyone who’s played and reviewed it so far. Watch the launch trailer for just a flavour of what the game’s bringing this year:

It’s our most immersive F1 experience yet, and includes the formation lap, the Safety Car, the VSC, a ten-year career mode, and a 22 user multiplayer support. If you want to know more, then we suggest you play the game!… But you can also head over to the F1 blog for the latest, more detailed info on the game.


DiRTy Road Trip

Just a quick line to say there won’t be a Road Book at the end of the month, as a handful of the DiRT team will be on a road trip! We’ll be dropping by to say hel-loheac (see what we did there?) to WRX as it heads to France. Don’t worry – when we’re back, we’ll be sure to update you with how it went (and what our car hire gave us for our ‘Wildcard’ choice).

Tweets of the Week

Before we showcase our favourite community tweets of the week, we have to give a quick nod to our frenemies over at @WRCthegame. Some of the keen-eyed community noticed they’d dropped a ‘Mondays be like…’ post remarkably like our long-standing tradition of Monday posts (and in-game achievements!), so we gently called them out on it. Needless to say, shots were fired, tweets were deleted… But it was all in good fun!  We definitely won though. ;)

Catch up with that particularly saucy interaction here:

And now on to the community Twitter hall of fame! Here’s just a handful of our favourite internet nuggets over the last couple of weeks:

Screenshot of the Week

Our Screenshot of the Week comes from Twitter this week! We love the night shots from last week’s Weekly:

Video of the Week

This week’s video of the week comes from @rallycameraman! Luke – also a real life rally driver (to Chief Game Designer Paul Coleman’s co-pilot) – tweeted us a day or two before he did this run, after doing a WR on the same stage. He rather boldly told us he could find a couple more seconds in it, which we challenged him to… And then he went and did it, and sent us the footage to prove it! What a hero. Bonus points go to anyone who’s able to watch this without wincing in terror. ;)

That’s all for this week – we’ll catch with you in a few weeks’ time post Road Trip! Keep it lit.

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