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August 21, 2015

Greetings people of DiRT, it is I Lee your friendly neighbourhood community manager and it must be Friday because it’s time for the DiRT Rally Road Book!

This week has been pretty hectic (though I seem to say that every week), the next update is almost ready to go, we’ve been looking forward to the rest of the year and pulling apart all of the feedback we’ve had since launch. OK so we know we do that a lot but this time it was a little different, we recently passed the half way mark for DiRT Rally and it was important for us to see how you guys felt we’re doing.


The other side of us taking stock of where we are was to find out what the next things are we need to look at. Since launch we’ve had more ideas from you than we could fill six games with, some have been trends of the week while others have been consistently high on the wishlist. It’s those things I’ve been busy collecting up to pass on to the team and we’ll have more info on which ideas made the latest cut soon.

Speaking of the team I’ll now hand you over to DiRT Chief Game Designer @Kick_Up for a look at what we’re working on right now.

Kick It With Kick_Up

Well, we are almost done with our v0.7 PvP Update and it’s looking good. There are some minor issues that have been picked up by our Community Testers that we will be looking to fix in the coming weeks but the overall package is pretty much there. The racing is going to be close and you’ll need to think fast when taking your jokers but it really has taken the FIA World RX content to the next level and we are confident that you will have a lot of fun racing against each other. We certainly have.

Elsewhere in the studio we’ve continued working on the up and coming Finland stages and they are really looking good. The co driver calls are in and their timing is being refined meaning that we can really attack every crest and jump. For stages to feel great you also need great cars and we have a pair of absolute legends lined up for the Flying Finland update. I know a few of you have been speculating as to what these are and we’ll let you know as soon as we can but having got hands on with them over the last few days I can say that they are very exciting.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about them is that they are being made using our latest vehicle tech. We’ve been working on this stuff in the background for a while now but these will be our first rally cars that will have the full suite of improvements. The plan is to layer these improvements into all the rally cars that have already been released. More on these updates to come but suffice to say it is going to be a significant step forward once we get these into the game.

Patch Me Up

I know we don’t normally do this but we wanted to give you the drop on some of the other things making it into the next patch, these aren’t live in the game yet and this isn’t the complete list so be sure to keep an eye out for the full patch notes when it goes live.

  • Clutch Override which will allow you to override the automatic clutch (allowing for clutch kicking)
  • Optimised Lydden Hill so that it’s not causing your PC to chug quite so much
  • Graphical improvements to Holjes, Wales and Pikes.

Screenshot of the Week

This week’s SoTW is from WRAITH1966 and we don’t usually share screenshots featuring mods but this one was just too good.


Tweets of the Week

This week we asked you to send us your advice for new DiRT Rally players, if you are new to DiRT Rally welcome to the team! Hopefully these pearls of wisdom from our veterans will be of use.

Video of the Week

Marek did his best to match Ogiers on-board to some DiRT Rally gameplay and got it pretty spot on!

There you go another week of DiRT Rally done and hopefully with enough news to keep /u/deadstump entertained! Like I said keep an eye out next week for details on the next update and for the love of all that is holy make sure you watch this week’s round of the FIA World Rallycross Championship from Hell. You’ll find live stream info here and TV listing info here.

Be Brave.

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