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August 28, 2015

Well it’s been quite the week here at Codemasters! On Tuesday we released our second FIA World Rallycross Update, which as well as adding three new cars, a new track and new weather conditions also added live multiplayer to DiRT Rally!


We’re glad so many of you are enjoying our latest update, we’ve been busy reading all of your feedback and seeing what we can implement into the game to make it even better.

I’ll hand you over to DiRT Rally’s Chief Game Designer for news on how we’re going to use that feedback to address some of your concerns and make the online experience even better!

Kick it with @Kick_Up

Well that week went fast. Finally getting our PvP update out there and getting to see you guys racing against each other has been really cool, however you pretty quickly found some fairly major oversights on our part and for that I am sorry.

When we play the game in the studio it is under very different conditions to how you guys play at home and so when we are doing our multiplayer tests we are often sat in a room without headsets on so that we can chat to each other about problems with collisions, point scoring and race rules.

Also, we never needed to set up a private lobby because we could always find the session we were looking for so we didn’t really notice that that setting had been omitted. This was a design oversight and one that is especially frustrating as we have had the option available in our previous titles whether on console or PC. When you guys started playing the new update you spotted this stuff almost immediately and quite rightly called us out on it so we are working as quickly as we can to get this stuff patched in as soon as possible.

I’m not going to make excuses but this is one of the cool things about early access. While in the past we would have hammered all this stuff and got it right for the final release of the game now we haven’t had as much time to implement the features but we can be a lot more flexible about fixing stuff.

As always I want to say a big thank you to all of you who have provided quick and useful feedback on these issues. It makes our lives a lot easier and means we can get to the core of the issue and get stuff sorted that much faster.

It’s not just Push to Talk, Muting and Private lobbies that we are working on. We also have some extra Lobby Options that we are going to include for Online Custom Championships. We are planning to add options to allow you to ban assists from your session, change the order of the grid and decide whether collisions occur or not so these should help you customise your lobbies to suit your style of racing a bit more.

New in v0.7

This month we introduced online competitive play to DiRT Rally which lets you go head to head against your friends. But we also added some other changes including:

  • A new World RX track – Hell, Norway
  • New Rallycross drivers including, Liam Doran and Petter Solberg
  • Wet weather for all Rallycross tracks
  • Three new cars: DS3, MINI Countryman Rallycross and Subaru WRX STI
  • Some new advanced gamepad options
  • Added a “Very Early” option for your Co-Driver calls
  • A frankly amazing set of Hints and Tips for you to read during loading screens
  • Removed the additional time penalty when the Off Track Reset Countdown expires and upped the limit on the timer
  • We’ll now show you your ‘Fastest lap’ onscreen for an entire Rallycross Event
  • Clutch Override which will give you the ability to use your clutch to override the automatic gearbox clutch

For the full list of everything that made it into our latest update, swing by the blog here.

15% Off

If you’ve been following what we’ve been doing with DiRT Rally this last few months but not taken the plunge to join us for Early Access just yet then there might not be a better time because for this weekend only we’re on sale with 15% off!


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To celebrate the release of our latest update we asked you to send us your best Rallycross screenshots and videos. Here are some of our top pics!

Video of the Week

This week’s is short and sweet but does feature quite an epic barrel roll

There you have it the end of a busy week for DiRT, if you’re racing this weekend keep it clean… ish. As ever we’ll be back next week with more DiRTy Gossip.

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