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August 19, 2020

Hello everyone,

Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work on various website features, building new ways to share the latest and greatest news with you all. One of those changes has been the introduction of a new blog system that improves the way we share updates.

This updated blog system is now live and you can find us over on the DiRT Rally 2.0 website, so go check it out!

A side-effect of this is that we’re using a new backend system to publish content, and that system is incompatible with this (older) blog you’re reading right now.


Therefore, all new DiRT Rally 2.0 news will be posted over on the game’s website, so go ahead and add it to your bookmarks.

We’ll still share occasional updates here through the Codies Racing Line blog posts (which cover all Codemasters brands), but for the main content,you now know where to go.


To get you all started, here are some announcements and roundups you can read right now, keep an eye out for more updates in the future.



See you soon,



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