The DiRT Roadbook – August 30, 2019



August 30, 2019

Season 3 is here, so let’s talk about it in The DiRT Roadbook!


SUBARU Impreza (2001) & Ford Focus RS Rally 2001 – Available now in DiRT Rally 2.0


Season 3 is here and we start with 2 iconic cars from the early 2000s, the SUBARU Impreza and Ford Focus RS Rally. Check out the onboards above with our in-house rally driver and all-round fast person Jon Armstrong behind the wheel for some high-level gameplay. When watching the SUBARU run at home on Tuesday I audibly winced at one of the flat-out jumps he did halfway through, he held nothing back with that one!

Next up on the Season 3 calendar is the launch of Greece Rally on September 10. I have fond memories of that location from the original DiRT Rally, as it was the first location I drove. Admittedly I drove it about 100 times in that Mini before I got to the end of the Stage, but it was a learning experience and over time I got more and more confident to take big risks, like this. Can’t wait to go back there with 4 more years of DiRT experience under my belt.


Season 3 & 4 Availability Clarification


One of the common questions we got after the release of Season 3 on Tuesday was from Deluxe Edition players asking where their content is. To clarify, the Deluxe Edition of DiRT Rally 2.0 contains Seasons 1 & 2, as mentioned in the descriptions on each platform’s storefront.

Here’s a quick rundown of the various editions and bundles so that you know what is in each:


DiRT Rally 2.0 (sometimes known as “Standard Edition”)

  • DiRT Rally 2.0 Base Game


DiRT Rally 2.0 Deluxe Edition

  • DiRT Rally 2.0 Base Game
  • Season 1 Content
  • Season 2 Content


DiRT Rally 2.0 Deluxe Content Pack

  • Season 1 Content
  • Season 2 Content


DiRT Rally 2.0 Deluxe Content 2.0

  • Season 3 Content
  • Season 4 Content


DiRT Rally 2.0 Year One Pass

  • Season 1 Content
  • Season 2 Content
  • Season 3 Content
  • Season 4 Content


DiRT Rally 2.0 Super Deluxe Edition

  • DiRT Rally 2.0 Base Game
  • Season 1 Content
  • Season 2 Content
  • Season 3 Content
  • Season 4 Content


Season 3 D+ Challenges


Another thing to clarify is how Community Challenges work now that we’ve moved on to Season 3. this was discussed on the forums this week and earlier today I got some info from the team to help clarify matters. You can read it here or catch the summary below.


In addition to Career Rally/Rallycross, there are additional kinds of Events are available in My Team.

Some of these will have a banner in the top corner, like the orange D+ banner in the screenshot above.


Community Events & AI Challenges

  • No Banner: Events that have no banner in the top corner only use ‘on disc’ content, so anyone who bought any version of the game can play them.
  • D+ Banner: These events allow current Season owners to earn double credits, but only use ‘on disc’ content. Bear in mind that base rewards are based on event length when being compared to one another.


Special Events

  • Bonus Banner: These events cycle through all DLC Content, from Seasons 1-3 (with a slight emphasis on the newest DLC). These are available however you have purchased the content , whether you have a bought a Season or a single piece of content.
  • Promo Banner: These events allow any player (whether they own DLC or not) to experience a DLC location.


The events with D+ Banners are colour-coded based on what Season they form a part of:

  • Red:
    Season 1
    March 12 to June 3
  • Cyan:
    Season 2
    June 4 to August 26
  • Orange:
    Season 3
    August 27 to November 18
  • Pink:
    Season 4
    November 19 to end of Season 4 (date tbc)


We are currently in Season 3, so Season 3 events appear. Seasons 1 & 2 are complete and had D+ events run throughout their time as current Seasons.



World RX heads to Lohéac for Round 8


Round 8 of the 2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship sees the drivers head to another circuit from DiRT Rally 2.0, Lohéac Bretagne in France. I did a few races earlier this week in-game as a refresher and am reminded of how quick it is. The laptimes are short hardly any time is lost during the Joker Lap section which keeps the racing close. Quick tip for the hairpin at Turn 3, brake earlier than you think and briefly pull the handbrake to slide into the apex.

Things are tight at the top of the championship standings going into the weekend, with the top 3 drivers only 14 points apart. My imaginary money’s on Kevin Hansen this weekend but don’t rule out his brother Timmy in the other Peugeot or their title rival Andreas Bakkerud in the Audi. As always you can keep up-to-date on all of the FIA World RX channels and watch the sessions on TV and YouTube.



Joona Pankkonen heads to World RX!


If you’ve been taking part in community-run championships, leagues or esports events you’ve likely come across the rapid Joona Pankkonen, our current DiRT World Champion.

As part of his prize for winning the DiRT 4 World Championships he’s heading to Lohéac this weekend for an FIA World Rallycross Championships experience like no other! In addition to the VIP experience he’ll be putting his driving skills to the test as he heads out on-track during the weekend.

Congratulations once again Joona on your victory, and enjoy this special weekend!


DiRT Rally: Free on Humble!


Want to see how Codemasters reinvented rally games? The original DiRT Rally is available as a limited-time freebie on Humble right now!

Simply head to Humble’s site, subscribe to their newsletter and the game’s yours. This offer expires on Sunday so you better be quick.



Version 1.8: Available September 3


Back to DiRT Rally 2.0 before I head off.

Version 1.8 is coming on September 3, with improvements and fixes for VR, Clubs and more. You’re probably wondering where the Patch Notes are, and the short answer is that they’ll be available on Monday. We’ve got some surprises in there that are worth the wait, including one addition nobody on the forums has seen coming. How’s that for DiRTy Gossip?


And with that we’re at the finish line for this week, see you all soon!


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