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September 9, 2016


It’s me.

I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet…

OK, OK – so that might be being a bit dramatic. But it’s been a few weeks since we’ve last updated the Road Book, so we’re just letting you know that we’ve missed you. It’s been a pretty busy few weeks for the DiRT team – both in the office, and out – so let’s crack on with the update!

Frolicking in France – our Loheac road trip

WhatsApp Image 2016-09-09 at 11.06.18 (2)

As we mentioned in the last Road Book, last week we found ourselves in Loheac for the French round of the World Rallycross Championship. While we can’t talk too much about the specifics of the Top Secret Stuff we were doing out there, it was incredible to soak up the atmosphere and catch up with the drivers. With local hero Sebastien Loeb racing at his home race (and in a Peugeot no less!) the paddock was absolutely buzzing to see the French RX dream team on home soil.

While we didn’t stay for the race (because we’re absolute fools), the Frenchman delivered in front of his adoring crowd – managing to bag a podium position alongside winner Kristofferson and second place Bakkerud. Alongside Solberg’s double-Joker magic, it was a pretty crazy weekend with a lot of bumps, jumps and battles. If you didn’t manage to catch any of the action as it happened, then head right here to see the incredibly action-packed final:


Anyway, anyone keeping a close eye on our online activity will have seen just a glimpse of what we got up to – especially over on Instagram. And anyone who got close enough to us while we were in the paddock could have overheard some extraordinarily tasty bits of gossip. But don’t worry – all will be revealed eventually. In fact, you could even say that we’ll unveiling things… Soon™.  ;)

Oh, and for those of you who were interested – our hire car vehicle wildcard was a Nissan Juke. We still managed to put it through its paces though. It’s safe to say, we certainly left our mark.

WhatsApp Image 2016-09-09 at 11.05.35

Our Steam Leaderboards

As you all might be aware, we recently reset the DiRT Rally PC leaderboards to rid the timesheets of cheaters. We’re a little further on now, and unfortunately, people have still been getting their way around our anti-cheat systems. It’s a sad reality that while we have been doing our best to combat cheaters, they’ve still been able to get onto our leaderboards…

… But not anymore. We’re delighted to say that we’ve been working with Steam to get VAC enabled status, which we’ve now achieved. So starting very soon, we’ll have a nice new shiny badge on our Steam store page letting you all know that we now have this protection against hacks and trainers.

To be clear, now we’re VAC enabled, this means that anyone running the game alongside any hacks or trainers will get VAC banned by Steam. The ban will be permanent, and it’ll come down across all online facets of the game – including PvP, Steam leaderboards, leagues, Dailies, Weeklies, Monthlies, and Special Events. It goes without saying, the ban will also be completely explicit too – you’ll get an Account Alert that drops in through your Steam account.

We want to give you guys a heads up that this is happening, as while there might be some bad eggs out there who like to cheat and ruin the leaderboards for everyone, we suspect that there might be some good eggs out there who run or who have ran trainers – perhaps out of curiosity, or just to play around with the game without actually exploiting leaderboards. It wouldn’t feel right banning these people without any warning, which is why we’re making you all aware of what’s around the corner now.

We take our leaderboards very seriously, and this will be a big step in maintaining the integrity of our leaderboards and times. We’ve always had a zero tolerance attitude to cheating, and this new way of implementing bans is far more effective and automated than anything we’ve had before.

On that note, please consider this post both a reassurance and a word of caution. It’s reassurance to those who work hard to achieve their valid times that you’re very much valued, and we have been listening – and a cautious word to those who have been cheating that they will be banned.

Unveiled at Cupertino: F1 2016 Mobile

Just before we head over to catch up with Hatward, we’re crossing the streams again on our games… but with very good reason! If any of you tuned into the Apple Event this week, you’ll have seen Codemasters make an appearance on stage. And yes – it was to announce a new game: F1 2016 mobile!


We’re not saying too much about it just yet, but the cat’s rather brilliantly out of the bag to the 300 million people who tuned in to see Apple launch their latest products. To be honest, we heard a little bit of chat about some wireless earphones… but from what we could tell, most of the buzz was absolutely about our new mobile title. That was absolutely and definitely the case.

While we announced the title at the Apple Event, it’s not just an Apple-exclusive product; as well as being on iOS and tvOS, the game will be coming to Android devices too. You can stay up to date with F1 2016 Mobile over on the Codies blog.

Redecoratin’ with Hatward

Hello DiRT friends! This is not an update from the studio. We’re in a recently acquired empty office putting our new playtest facility together.

In the not-so-distant future, we hope to host some of you here to play something exciting.

…and it won’t be ping pong.

Stay tuned!

playtest - before

Tweets of the Week

As always, you guys have been spewing some pretty awesome 140-character nuggets of joy! Here’s just a few of our favourites making the Twitter Hall of Fame today:

Screenshot of the Week

This week’s Screenshot of the Week is a classic. The RS200, in all its glory – thanks to Steam user Road Runner. What a beaut.


Video of the Week

Our favourite video of this week has to be @Ryu_Makkuro‘s incredible run through Route de Turini. Driving the 037, in Monte Carlo, on a gamepad… with no assists. It’s the definition of being brave.

Aaaand, that’s about it from this week’s Road Book! We’ll be back on the usual schedule now we’ve not got any more trips planned for the foreseeable, so we’ll meet you back here in a couple of week’s time. :)

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