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September 18, 2015

Hi everyone! I think I can safely say that this is the first time I’ve written a road book while on the road. Having made it through some of the worst rain I have ever driven through we are currently sat at the Circuit of Catalunya and I think it’s about time that I explain why we have travelled all this way in a Transit van.

The organisers of the World RX race here in Barcelona have asked us to do some promotional stuff but to do it they needed to get a simulator down to Barcelona at very short notice. Given that we have all the kit required at Codemasters we decided to load up a van and set out on the thousand mile trip so that we can make sure that it happens. We’ve taken the sacred studio D-Box and a whole heap of other kit to try and make sure that it’s all done properly and to make sure that they get the best experience of DiRT Rally possible.

Hopefully once it is all set up we can get some more feedback from the drivers and let other fans have a play too, who knows, we might even let some Moto GP riders and other celebrities have a go while they are here. If all goes well we’ll even have our spare kit available to set-up another, non D-Box rig in the Fanzone so if you are going to the race make sure you keep an eye out for the game there.


A few of you have been speculating that we are doing the trip as research at the Circuit of Catalunya and there is some half truth to that. We’ve already gotten out on the circuit and gathered as much reference material as possible as part of this but I don’t think we can consider it as an official reference trip. It basically means that while the gathered materials will hopefully be useful at some point in the future there is no guarantee that they will be used. It would however be silly if we came all this way and didn’t take any pictures of this awesome new track layout while we were here.

I’ll hand you over now to our number one programming supremo Mr Jamie Lowes so that he can tell you a bit more about what to expect in the v 0.8 Flying Finland update (seeing as he is the one making the build)


The Lowes Down with @jamielowesdev

While Coleman and Hayward have been enjoying themselves on a jolly around Europe, I’ve been under general anaesthetic, had scalpels in my unmentionables, and now I’m back in work putting together the latest build of DiRT Rally. Rally being the, ahem, operative word.

Version 0.80 of DiRT Rally adds Finland to the list of rally locations. ‘Flying Finland’ is no joke. The first thing that strikes you is the three-dimensionality of the tracks. Dips, crests, and jumps around almost every corner. The second thing you notice is that it’s really quite difficult to slow down for an unseen 3-right when you’re not actually in contact with the ground!

The Simulation Group have been applying what they’ve learned during the Early Access process back into some of the existing rally classes of cars. The 60s, 70s, 80s RWD and 2010 WRC classes have all had a ‘v2 handling’ pass. I’m not going to go into what they’ve done exactly, but driving my little Fiat 131 around Greece is better than ever. Definitely a great excuse to revisit the earlier car classes if you’ve progressed through to the higher performance cars.

As mentioned in the previous Road Book, we have implemented Custom Championships in v0.80. This mode separates difficulty from event duration. If you’re short on time you can choose to run a season that consists of three 2-stage events, at Masters difficulty. Alternatively, you could set up a series of five 12-stage events at Open difficulty. It’s up to you.

Custom Championship mode affects your team and vehicle development in the same way as standard Championship mode does, and rewards are scaled based on the event length.


The AI department have been working to improve avoidance around the forks in the Rx tracks. While they’re not exactly going to politely wave you through as they elect to take a Joker lap, the AI now should at least acknowledge your existence and try not to drive straight through you!

You should also notice that the AI has become a little more competitive.

We have added mouse support to the UI in v0.80. This is very much a first step to a complete solution. Adding mouse support to an existing UI system isn’t as easy as it would first appear! Please try it out and tell us how you want it to work.

Finally, we have been trying our best to fix the various performance and save game issues that people have been reporting on our forums – v0.80 has a fix that could reduce the stuttering that some people are still experiencing.

I know how frustrating it is when your game doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. Please keep reporting any issues on the Steam Tech Support forum, (I read that forum every  day), and we’ll take a look at every single issue.

Thanks for all that cool info Jamie, probably better to talk about that than the other ‘thing’ you’ve been doing this week though, right?

Screenshot of the week

So, I’m slightly breaking protocol here but I’m operating under Spanish law so there is nothing anyone can do about it. Check out this Martini liveried Delta S4 in a rather foggy Monte Carlo… lovely stuff zombie_nation


Video of the week

Seeing as @jamielowesdev went out of the way to write that bit for today’s roadbook, here is some proof that he can drive a Lancia Delta HF Integrale pretty well too:

That’s all for this week’s road book. Have a great weekend and make sure you keep an eye on @dirtgame for all the latest updates from @FIAWorldRX in Barcelona!

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