The DiRT Roadbook – September 20, 2019



September 20, 2019

We’re back for another DiRT Roadbook! Let’s go through the past week in order of events as they happened, and then check our pace notes for the road ahead.


Neste World RX of Latvia Recap


Before we dive into DiRT let’s first look at what our friends at the FIA World Rallycross Championship have been up to. The penultimate round of the 2019 season took place in latvia last weekend, and an already tight Drivers Championship battle is now even tighter.

If you haven’t seen it yet I won’t spoil for you, check out the Finals above (certain countries only) or read up on what happened below. The DiRT Rally 2.0 location served up its fair share of drama and intrigue and that will continue at the final round of the season in November at Killarney International Raceway, the same month it arrives in-game!




DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series: Round 1 Continues


The DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series has finished up its first set of Qualifiers and we’re already on to Qualifier 2. This week Rally drivers head to Argentina in Group B 4WD cars whereas the Rallycross competitors take on Canada in RX2s.

After you’ve done some practice in Custom Event or Time Trial, head on over to the World series tab in-game and lay down your times. You only get one shot so make it count!

If you took part in Qualifier 1 you’ll already have your BMW M2 Competition waiting for you in My Team rewards and if you’ve yet to try out the World Series you can get your M2 this week by setting a valid time in either Event. Players will only be awarded one BMW M2 Competition throughout the course of the Qualifiers, so keep that in mind if you’re ever thinking of a My Team garage clearout.




Peugeot 306 Maxi & Seat Ibiza Kit Car – Coming September 24


Season 3 continues and the F2 Kit Cars are coming! The fast Front-Wheel Drives are equal parts welcome and challenging, and you’ll be able to experience them on September 24.

Over the coming days we’ll share more pictures along with the absolutely bonkers fast-pace runs Jon Armstrong’s been doing with these round Greece. Keep an eye on the socials and our YouTube for all that goodness, you don’t want to miss it.



These cars will be available in the following content bundles, and also as individual DLC items on Xbox, PlayStation and Steam:


  • DiRT Rally 2.0 Deluxe Content 2.0 (Seasons 3 & 4)
  • DiRT Rally 2.0 Year One Pass (Seasons 1, 2, 3 & 4)
  • DiRT Rally 2.0 Super Deluxe Edition (Standard Edition + Seasons 1, 2, 3 & 4)



DiRT Rally 2.0 –  Coming to Xbox Game Pass on September 26


You may have seen us mention it in the Codies Racing Line yesterday, or caught Major Nelson’s announcement on Twitter, but if you haven’t yet Xbox fans can rejoice, as DiRT Rally 2.0 is coming to Xbox Game Pass! The critically-acclaimed game we all know and love is coming to the service on September 26, and it’s going to be great to welcome a whole new bunch of racing fans to the definitive rally experience.

DiRT Rally 2.0 is a highly rewarding title that challenges you to bring your A-game. New players need not worry about immediately investing in high-end steering wheels and pedals either as the game has excellent controller support, making full use of the Xbox One controller’s “Impulse Triggers” which give you greater control over your brake and throttle application. “Pad players” regularly set times competitive with those on a wheel; no matter how you play it’s driver skill that determines your success.

If you’re a DiRT Rally 2.0 veteran and have friends who haven’t yet experienced the title this is the perfect way to get started. Our community of DiRT fans are also very welcoming in terms of getting players up to speed, regularly sharing tips and guides on our forums.


That’s it for this week, see you all soon!



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