The DiRT Roadbook – October 18, 2019



October 18, 2019

2 new cars and a few standout community members, it’s time for The DiRT Roadbook!


DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series Qualifiers: Round 2


The DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series Qualifiers rocks on, with another set of Events running this week. The fastest drivers will progress, but even if you’re not a hotshot you can still get a free car, the BMW M2 Competition. Check out the links below for all the details:


October 15-21:

  • Rally: USA – North Fork Pass – Group A
  • Rallycross:  Silverstone, England – RX2





Peugeot 206 Rally & Volkswagen Golf Kitcar – Available October 22


Next week we’ve got 2 more punchy machines making their way to DiRT Rally 2.0.

First up is the Peugeot 206 Rally, making a long-awaited return to Codemasters racing games; last seen in Colin McRae Rally 2005. With 2019-grade game development behind it, this car’s better than ever and a real treat to drive too. Livery’s looking great as well, the famed silver and red of Richard Burns’ 2002 rally season on display.

Next we’ve got the Volkswagen Golf Kitcar, another silver sensation. The real-world livery for this one is based on Dieter Depping’s Mk IV from his German rallying adventures in 2001, a perfect companion for the technical tarmac of DiRT Rally 2.0‘s German Stages.

Both cars are available in Season 3, and you can also purchase them individually if you’re not after the full-season package. Hit up the link below for Season bundles:




Rich Craig’s DiRT Screenshots


As the person on the “front lines” of the DiRT community I see the many of cool ways you’re all enjoying DiRT Rally 2.0. Some post videos, some share wild runs, some joke about epic fails and others are happy to just chat DiRT with one another.

One such player who regularly pings @dirtgame on Twitter is Rich Craig, an Xbox player whose screenshots you may have seen on the DiRT socials before. Every so often he sends a screenshot to @dirtgame, I usually see a few every week. No pomp, no ceremony, no extra context, just “I’m having a lot of fun with the game, here’s a screenshot, enjoy.”

Sometimes outside of all the communication about the wider world of DiRT it’s nice to step back and just take in the enjoyable and slightly relaxing (in its own terrifying way) act of driving through the woods in a slippery SUBARU. Here’s to you Rich, and everybody else that shares screenshots with us. If you’ve got any to share and would like to see them on @dirtgame, drop them in here; I pick out the best ones every month to share with DiRT community.



9 Year Old Sam vs David Higgins!


Sam Hardesty is a young player who dreams of becoming a professional rally driver. He’s starting it in the right way with DiRT Rally 2.0, and is already making a name for himself! You may have seen some of his exploits on Instagram already, his family sharing footage of his rapid driving skills. Now it’s taking it to another level, throwing down the challenge to SUBARU rally driver David Higgins, our own Jon Armstrong and anyone else who fancies taking him on.

You can find his run here, and woah, that’s fast (147th on PS4 at the time of posting)! David’s already accepted the challenge, and if you want to see how you stack up, here’s the info:


  • Stage: Poland Rally – Lejno (Dry)
  • Time: 03:09.123


Good luck Sam, David’s going to have a tough time beating that!



Rallylegend 2019


Finally, it would be remiss of me to not mention Rallylegend, which took place in San Marino last week. Sebastian Klos over at zeroundersteer has done what he does best and uploaded 20 minutes of high-framerate, high-quality action. Tons of great cars on display here (many of which you can drive in our games), almost drowned out by the massive and intense crowd of spectators.


See you all next week!



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