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November 13, 2015

Well here we are again, another week over and another Road Book to write. It has been another busy one both in the studio and around the Rally community as we have geared up for the start of Wales Rally GB.


Road Trip

@Hatward and I loaded the D-Box and all the gear into a Transit van first thing on Monday morning. Having learned from our mistakes in France we made sure that we had plenty of fuel and set off to Deeside in sunny Wales. Except the only sunshine we saw was the liquid kind. Despite our best efforts we have no amusing anecdotes or stories to come back with. We got everything set up at the Colin McRae Tribute stand without any hiccups and as far as we know everything is running smoothly up there.


If you are going to Wales Rally GB this weekend make sure you stop by the stand as it has some amazing Colin McRae memorabilia on display. Some of the most notable elements are some of his race suits, the podium from his 1995 Rally GB victory, his Subaru Impreza 555 and his Ford Focus in full Safari trim. This really is a once in a lifetime tribute to the great man and well worth the trip.

If you do happen to drop by the stand make sure you have a go on the D-Box. You’ll need to make a donation to do so but it is for a great cause and if you set a great time you are in with a chance of winning some amazing prizes including a Prodrive experience day and tickets to Car Fest so its well worth taking your DiRT Rally skills and putting them to some charitable use.


We think we have got a handle on what is causing this however we need to get it tested to make sure that our fix is working. We are about to get some players who have been suffering from the issue a special build to see if it solves it. If it does then we will make sure it gets rolled out into the next update. As always, our sincerest apologies to those of you this is affecting your patience is very much appreciated.


Soft Edges

Last week I talked about the Sweden stages and the fact that we have incorporated soft edges to better represent how the car interacts with the snow banks at the edge of the road. These still feel great and I’m confident that you will enjoy what we have done with these.


We had thought that we were going to be able to roll these out across Monte Carlo too but we have encountered some serious issues that have meant that we need to rework the way that we are doing these. Unfortunately this means that it is highly unlikely that Monte Carlo will have softer snow banks in the Winter Wonderland pack but we are still looking to get them in at a later date. I guess this is one of the examples of where being honest and open can come back to bite. I hope this news isn’t too disappointing for those of you who had been hoping for this improvement.

Screenshot of the week

Seeing as this week is the 20th anniversary of Colin McRae’s World Championship win at Wales Rally GB I’m going to break with protocol and show Johnny The Fox’s shot of the Subaru Impreza


Video of the week

Here is Louise Cook driving Bidno Moorland in the Ford Fiesta RS. Its even more impressive when you consider she is still recovering from surgery to her arm.

That’s all for this week, I hope you enjoy Wales Rally GB this weekend!

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