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November 20, 2015

This week has been an eclectic mix of DiRT Rally commitments both inside and outside the studio. Once again the week started with @Hatward and I heading off to Deeside in Wales to collect the equipment we had leant to the Colin McRae Tribute stand at Wales Rally GB.


Colin McRae Tribute to a Legend

While were weren’t able to attend the event we have been assured that it was a great success with DiRT Rally helping raise over £1000 for charity. Reports suggest that the game was a huge hit with the public and we are delighted to have been part of such an amazing tribute to Colin and his rally career.
We will hopefully be getting more pictures and info from the event soon so we’ll aim to do a bigger report then.
It’s been a while since I’ve handed things over to another member of the team but seeing as he has been working on a load of stuff this week here is @Hatward to talk about what he has been getting up to.

tribute stand

Hangin’ with @Hatward

You know when you’re making a game in Early Access and work is manic for six months and you put off lots of little jobs and then all of a sudden its days till launch and the final build of DiRT Rally is being made?

That was this week.

After the holiday to Wales and back on Monday we broke out our bug fixing hats and started finding solutions to the last remaining issues that would hold up release. It’s at this point in a game’s development you realise that a little fix you’ve been planning since September is actually not that small a fix and the next thing you know you’re completely changing the event and rewards structure of a Hillclimb Championship.


“I have no idea what I’m doing”

It turned out the Elite and Masters tiers were a little too rewarding, so we’ve attacked that on two fronts; the events are now longer and they reward less Credits. Elite tier events are one short stage and one long stage, while Masters tier events feature exclusively full Pikes Peak runs. We’ve also changed the rewards to bring them more in-line with those from a Rally championship. The real difficulty here was concentrating on database tables while @jamielowesdev flooded my inbox with pictures of dogs using computers. :D

Speaking of that guy, we spent yesterday afternoon investigating the bug where Custom Championships wasn’t rewarding enough credits. There was a “bug” in the “code” that meant the reward multiplier wasn’t taking into account the number of events in a Custom Championship. Jamie says this is f-i-x-e-d now, so you’ll be back in charge of your own Championship destiny when Winter Wonderland comes around.


The last balancing job this week was the prices of Engineer Perks. Up to this point, all Perks have had a fixed cost, regardless of how many of your cars they would reduce the upgrades for. Now, a Perk’s price is based on the number of cars it covers. As a general rule; more cars = more money. You will see better value the more cars you cover though, so don’t be put off by the expensive Perks!

That’s it from me – I need to set up next week’s Online Events. I’m thinking it’s about time the R4 cars got a run out…

Thanks for that @Hatward. Now get back to work!

Screenshot of the week

It looks like GEEBEEGOONER is getting ready for the Winter Wonderland pack with this shot from Monte Carlo


Video of the Week

This week’s video comes is from Michael E who seems intent on showing off how clean his socks are.

That’s all for this week, have an awesome weekend!

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