The DiRT Roadbook – November 8, 2019



November 8, 2019

Finland, Free Trial and a fascinating Finale, it’s Friday and you know what that means, DiRT Roadbook time!


Finland Rally – Available Now in DiRT Rally 2.0


As if I was going to start the Roadbook anywhere else this week! Finland, one of most legendary rally locations the world has ever seen, is finally here in DiRT Rally 2.0. The undulating roads, tree-lined threats and high speed nature of the Stages are a real delight to blast through, and it’s been great to see you all hard at it since Tuesday.

And the jumps, oh lordy the jumps are mighty. Finland Rally features more jumps than any other location in the game and there’s some real launchers in there as you’ve all been demonstrating. Some of you have been doing stunt battles while others… have involunrarily ended up as sudden guests in a family home. Either way, Finland’s a blast and a great way to send off Season 3.




Season 3 Stage 3 Liveries – Available Now in DiRT Rally 2.0


Alongside the release of Finland Rally came a sweet new set of Season 3 liveries. This time it’s a set of clean blue and white designs that feature across 5 cars. Personally, they remind me of the Mazda 323 * a little, though as with all Season designs they take inspiration from multiple sources to create something original and fresh. If you own Season 3 these liveries are available now in-game on the following cars:


  • Ford Fiesta RX (MK7)
  • Mitsubishi Space Star R5
  • BMW M2 Competition
  • Subaru Impreza 1995
  • Peugeot 205 GTI




DiRT Rally 2.0 Trial Version – Available Now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4


If you’re reading The DiRT Roadbook I imagine you’re already a fan of DiRT Rally 2.0, but if you haven’t driven yet or know a friend who should give it a go, the DiRT Rally 2.0 Trial Version is now available for free on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

This is your chance to experience what it’s like to launch a rally car down a stage, dance on the edge of control and overcome the challenges waiting around every corner; or go head-to-head with other drivers in the fast and frenetic world of Rallycross.

We’ve worked with our community of players, drivers, team members and car manufacturers to bring you our take on two flavours of the sport we love. Whether you’re aiming to prove yourself as one of the fastest drivers in the world or simply explore rallying’s rich history, there’s something here for you.




FIA World Rallycross Championship – The Showdown in South Africa


Rallycross’ most exciting season to date goes down to the wire this weekend as the RX Supercars and drivers head to Cape Town for the Championship finale.

Three drivers are still in with a shot of glory; Sweden’s Timmy Hansen is just 1 point ahead of Norway’s Andreas Bakkerud and 8 ahead of his brother Kevin in the other Peugeot. Initially the Hansens traded Championship lead duties in the early rounds but all the while Bakkerud was keeping up, and overtook both them in France. A tense weekend in Latvia set things up nicely for this weekend’s showdown.

You can watch all of the action this weekend on the FIA World RX channels and if you’re eager to have a go yourself several of this season’s locations are in DiRT Rally 2.0, along with the 2018 season’s cars and drivers. As for the 2019-spec cars, they’re coming in Season 4, which kicks off in a few weeks with this weekend’s location, Killarney International Raceway in South Africa. We’ll be dropping a few screenshots on @dirtgame over the race weekend but here’s one (above) to get you started!



DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series – Round 3 Qualifiers Begin


The DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series is still active, with the final set of Qualifiers now underway. Below you’ll find the schedule for November as well as the usual info links. If you haven’t done a Qualifier yet I recommend you have a shot, as this will be your last chance to get a “free repair version” of the BMW M2 Competition for use in My Team.

Speaking of, we noticed that some players weren’t getting their car for recent Qualifiers. After some server checks we re-issued those so if you were one of the affected players check your My Team Rewards where your new car should be waiting for you.


November 5-11:

  • Rally: Poland – Czarny Las – H3 RWD
  • Rallycross: Mettet, Belgium – RX2


November 12-18:

  • Rally: New Zealand – Waimarama Point Reverse – R2
  • Rallycross: Holjes, Sweden – RX1600


November 19-25:

  • Rally: Spain – Decenso por Carrertera – R5
  • Rallycross: Hell, Norway – RX Supercars




Race Ahead with the Codemasters Content Creator Program


Yesterday we unveiled a new initiative aimed at bringing our most creative players closer to our games with the Racing Ahead programme.

If you make videos featuring our titles and want to be first in line for preview code, media events and other fun activities be sure to sign up. Here’s some words from Shaun White, our Director of Communications (courtesy of MCV):


“Our aim is to make it easier for content creators with a love of racing games to gain access to Codemasters incredible portfolio and share their experiences with their communities.

We look forward to welcoming new players into our program and to create opportunities for them to work with us through all phases of the game’s development, from announcement through to post-launch.”


Head to, punch in your details and if you’re accepted we’ll be in touch. I’ve been dabbling in a few racing videos myself recently, maybe I should give it a go ?




“Group B”

(Warning: Video contains occasional swearing)


Motorsport is fast and thrilling, but it is also dangerous. You’re reminded of this on every single ticket you purchase for an event, and sometimes accidents happen.

Shortly after publishing last week’s Roadbook a touching drama and character study about the consequences of motorsport was shared within the DiRT team, and I want to drop it here for you all today. As much as we admire the bravery of those who drive, it’s the ones who go back after risking it all that we salute the most; it takes a special kind of character and bravery to do that.


Have a good weekend everyone, I’ll be back next week with the usual DiRT goodness.




* Before you get any ideas, there are no plans to add a Mazda 323 to DiRT Rally 2.0; that was just a cool car I remembered ?

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