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December 4, 2015

Hello DiRT Fans, and welcome to this week’s Road Book! It’s been another manic week in the studio, and we’re almost at the finish line with the next update. A lot of you have been asking when you can expect to have Winter Wonderland downloading in your Steam clients. Rest assured that it is imminent.

There has also been a lot of speculation about the contents of the pack, and as usual the DiRTy Gossip Thread on the forums has it pretty much spot on. Next week you’ll be hurtling through the snowy forests of Sweden in two brand new cars.

Volkswagen Polo Rally


This cat is probably out of the bag already but in case you hadn’t guessed, the Volkswagen Polo Rally would be part of the next update. This car has had a very productive year, and we hope you all have as much fun and success on stage in DiRT Rally.

Hyundai Rally


Rounding off our car list for this year is the Hyundai Rally. This car has been a popular request on the forums, so we’re thrilled to be able to put it in your hands. Along with the Polo, the Hyundai Rally will be in the 2010s class. If you don’t have the credits to buy one straight away I’ll be making sure there are Daily Events running next week so you can take them both for a test spin.

Thanks for Coming

Early Access has been quite an adventure for us. Your feedback has improved DiRT Rally immeasurably and we couldn’t have done it without you. We wanted that support to be reflected in-game, with a way for you to show the rest of the Community that you were there when it all started.

Every single person that bought and played the game so far this year has qualified for Founder status. This marks you with a crown on the leaderboards, both in the game and on DiRTGame.com. You’ll also find that the DiRT Rally livery on your 1995 Subaru Impreza is only for you.

Some of you have gone above and beyond. Our forums, /r/dirtgame on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook have all been buzzing with ideas for the game, detailed bug reports, and helpful gameplay guides. For those of you that have dedicated significant amounts of your time to playing and supporting our game, we’ve made you DiRT VIPs. We’ve created three unique liveries for one car in each discipline in the game. You’ll also get an icon next to your name on the leaderboards, next to your Founder Status.

RoadBook 041215

All of these rewards are in-game right now, and your new statuses have just gone live. Check your garages!

From myself, @Kick_Up and the rest of the DiRT team, thank you.

DiRT Show

Since Paul is away next week there won’t be a DiRT Show on launch day. I’ll be around all day on Twitter and the forums to answer your questions, and we’ll do a proper show on Twitch to discuss Winter Wonderland and the rest of Early Access when he’s back in a few weeks. Bring your festive attire – we’ve got ours already.

Screenshot of the Week

This gorgeous shot was taken by Hydran on the Steam community page:


Video of the Week

We have some incredibly fast drivers in DiRT Rally, and serial leaderboard botherer gheeD is certainly one of them. Here’s a toe curlingly fast drive through Greece.

That’s it from us – next time you drop by we’ll have a lot more to talk about. ;)


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