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December 10, 2015

Hello, DiRTy people. The Road Book is sneaking up on you a day early this week, since I’m out of the office tomorrow and Paul isn’t back until Monday. Rest assured the rest of the team are still hard at work on the PC patch and the upcoming console release.


Say what?

So, about that patch. There is a pretty major bug with co driver calls in languages other than English. This is causing numerous issues, including incorrect calls and even completely missing calls. It only became apparent as Winter Wonderland went live, and it was unfortunately too late to stop release. We’ve just integrated the final fixes for this into the build, which will need to undergo testing to make sure everything is working correctly. We’re aiming for a release next week, but we’ll keep you posted. Until then, you’ll have to rely on the visual notes, the English calls, and our sincerest apologies.


Anyone not involved with pulling together audio files and game code is hard at work on the upcoming console release. We’re absolutely thrilled to be able to bring this game to a wider audience. I talked to Red Bull about our plans for the PS4 and Xbox One earlier this week, you can read that interview here.


Play Nice

We’ve built this game to be as close to real life as possible, and that has naturally generated heated competition in the DiRT community. The forums are alive with discussions on Online Events performances, strategies, setups, and I’m sad to say…cheaters.

Let me start by saying that the integrity of the leaderboards in DiRT Rally is hugely important to us. We want to create a fair and secure environment for you to compete against each other, safe in the knowledge that when you’re trying to beat that time at the top of the table, that person got there legitimately.

Over the course of Early Access we’ve been quietly arming ourselves for the war against cheaters. I won’t go into detail for obvious reasons, but there is one thing in particular that needs some clarification.

As part of the Winter Wonderland update, everyone playing the game was required to accept an End User Licence Agreement. This document states that you agree not to tamper with or hack the game files, or engage in any other form of misconduct that would give you an unfair advantage over other players.

We’ve already caught several people cheating this week. Their times were immediately discounted from the relevant leaderboards, and they have been banned from our servers for the rest of 2015. A second offence will result in a lifetime ban.

We very much want to instil a sense of fair competition and friendly rivalry amongst everyone playing this game. These countermeasures are intended to reinforce that ambition.

Be excellent to each other.


Very Important VIPs

At the other end of the spectrum, a new set of players have joined the exclusive DiRT VIP club. The barrier to entry into this elite club is to simply be amazing. That could be creating cool videos, screenshots, steam guides, tuning setups, or generally being an ambassador for the game for the new players joining us now we’re out of Early Access. We’re always watching, and your hard work will not go unnoticed.

The club is by no means closed, and the next wave of VIPs will be selected soon. We’ve already singled out the first few.

NeoGAF New Threads

This is one of the highest accolades in gaming. DiRT Rally now has an OT thread on NeoGAF. :D

Screenshot of the Week.

…is this cool shot, courtesy of outdrive.


Video of the Week

Well that’s just….wait…what?! Mr Beerscuit is experimenting with his camera setup and we are hugely impressed. Excellent work, sir.

That’s all from us this week. Enjoy your weekends, and don’t forget to drop by the forums to say hi!


The DiRT Team

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