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February 12, 2018

For those of you who are ready and raring to go when the first qualification event kicks off on the 19th February, here are the need-to-know facts about how it’s going to work:

Vehicle classes:
For Rally events, you’ll be competing in your weapon of choice from the R5, Up to 2000cc 4WD category. For Rallycross events, you’ll have the suite of WRX Supercars to pick from.

How to participate:
First things first: you will need to have a RaceNet account registered.

Once you’ve done that, the qualification rounds will be accessible by the ‘Community Event’ option, available in the usual place on all platforms. You’ll know which events are the esports events thanks to the shiny DiRT World Championship logo – so these are the ones to compete in to put yourself in the running!


The events:
There will be six weekly qualification rounds which alternate between Rally and Rallycross. The top two times on each platform will qualify for the quarterfinals, meaning 36 places in the quarterfinals will be up for grabs.

General rules:
With these events, you can use ‘Event Restart’ to retry the event as many times as you like! So you’re welcome to retry the events as many times you can to set your fastest time.

Finally, please make sure you sign up to Racenet with the correct email addresses – as this is the method we’ll use to contact our successful entrants.

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