F1® Mobile Racing – 2020 Season Cars, New Events Arrive in Update 12, Releasing May 26th



May 22, 2020

How time flies, eh? We are now moving towards the third real-world F1 season to be featured in F1® Mobile Racing! It’s been a brilliant journey, and one where we’ve always worked hard to stay in line with real world F1. That continues with Update 12, as F1® Mobile Racing out now on iOS and Android – introduces the next chapter of the world’s most famous motorsport, releasing May 26th!

First up: the 2020 cars! As we saw with the 2019 season update last year, all official F1 cars in the current game will be replaced by their 2020 counterparts – so each teams 2020 regulation contender will take the place of its 2019 official car.

Already own any of the official 2019 season cars? You’ll receive the regulation 2020 version of any team car you own, as a free replacement, as soon as Update 12 is released! No purchase or action is required for those who already own official team cars, and your new regulation cars will be waiting for you in your Garage.

Don’t own an official car? Want to get behind the wheel of one this season? Head to the in-game store or the Garage once Update 12 drops, where  regulation cars will be available for purchase using Credits!

A big thank you to everyone who participated in Update 11’s Pre-Season Test GP Event, where players got a taste of the updated handling and R&D models for the game. All changes made to car physics are designed to add yet more realism to the feel of F1® Mobile Racing, and further reward the fastest and most consistent drivers in the game. During the test, we took on player feedback both from our social channels and a survey sent to the Pre-Season Test participants, to help us refine the physics ahead of its full deployment in this update.

The new car physics will apply in all modes across the game, so get ready to master the new system and make full use of the updated R&D options to race your way to the top .

Next, let’s talk about future events in F1® Mobile Racing! The level of interest, participation and drama that we saw in the 2019 Season Championship was truly stunning, and we loved seeing all players battle it out on global leaderboards all season long for huge rewards. 2020 is gearing up to be all that, and then some. This is all set to arrive in a later update alongside the start of the real world 2020 FIA Formula One World Championship™.

Until then, we have some great events lined up. We have F1’s 70th anniversary celebrations, in the form of the 70th Anniversary Championship. This one-time-only GP Event takes players to five of the most iconic circuits and nations of the sport’s history, including Silverstone, Monaco and the newly-added Zandvoort! We’ve combined them for a special championship which reflects the first ever F1® championship that occurred in 1950, with new and unique rewards available to all!

Alongside these unique championships, we have changed the way you can access all future events and championships. From now on, GP Events will be available from the date that they are unlocked, until the final day of the championship they are within. Every event will cost a one-time fee to enter; you then have unlimited access until the championship is closed. That means unlimited retries!

Additionally, you will no longer have to wait to claim your hard-earned rewards. With the updated milestone rewards system, once you score enough points to unlock a reward, you receive it straight away. Once the championship ends, the final rewards are handed out. So, keep your eye on the learderboards and use those unlimited retries to get the best rewards possible!

Update 12 takes F1® Mobile Racing into a new generation, with huge gameplay changes and major new events. It’s time to stake your claim as the fastest once again, coming May 26th!

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