F1® Mobile Racing Esports Finals Revealed



October 30, 2020

As promised, we have some juicy information on the upcoming F1® Mobile Racing Esports Finals to share with you!

It’s time to fill you in on what to expect from the Finals and give you a sneak peek at some of the amazing rewards you can earn! The F1® Mobile Racing Esports Finals will be split up into two unique rounds. Everyone who has previously qualified for the Finals is eligible to compete in the Playoffs, but to progress into the Grand Final, you must perform well in the Playoffs. Both rounds will be time gated, so if you’re qualified be sure to keep an eye out for the times and dates of the Finals; these dates will be shared soon.

Now, for the juicy info…

The first round is the F1® Mobile Racing Esports Playoffs, consisting of three Grands Prix that will run for five days. After five days, the Playoffs is closed! These Grands Prix should be very familiar, as they follow the same structure as our other events: Qualifying, Grid Start and Sprint Race.

After the Playoffs closes, the players in the qualified tier progress into the Grand Final and unlock a unique Esports Banner! This banner will be present in the player profile and within Duels, so players can show that they’re one of the Esports finalists!

The Grand Final is where the competition really heats up, with the F1® Mobile Racing Esports PVP Tournament! Players that make it to the Grand Final will gain access to join F1® Mobile Racing Esports PVP Duels where they will only face other qualified players in Qualifying PVP Duels. The PVP tournament will be open for two hours, during which players must try and score as many points as possible by taking part in Qualifying PVP Duels. Players are awarded points by winning PVP Qualifying duels and winning sectors within those duels, so be sure to maximise your setup and record your best laps!

Once the two hours are over, the Grand Final is complete and the player with the highest amount of points will be crowned the F1 Mobile Racing Esports 2020 Champion and will be sent a real F1 Mobile Racing Esports trophy! Alongside this, they will be awarded an amazing once-in-a-lifetime reward! More info on this to come in the near-future. The rest of the players will be placed into Gold, Silver & Bronze reward tiers, based on the amount of points they have overall. Dependant on your tier, you will earn Esports liveries, decals and more amazing in-game rewards.

Make sure to follow F1® Mobile Racing on Twitter and Instagram, and join the game’s official Facebook group, to stay on track with the F1® Mobile Racing Esports Finals.

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