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November 12, 2019

With F1® Mobile Racing over a year into its full launch, it’s awesome to take a look back and see just how much our free-to-play official F1® racing game has evolved. So many of the changes and advances you will have seen in the game stem from the feedback our racers give us, day in, day out, on what you want to see more of and what you’d like to be addressed.

As the 2019 Season Championship is coming to an end and the competition always gets higher, in Update 8.6, we focused on more fixes, tweaks and new behind-the-scenes tools to prevent cheating, filling up loopholes, and further cleaning up global leaderboards and timings.

– The team have been closely assessing leaderboards, results and feedback from all modes to identify any potential loopholes to address. The new update will include further restrictions that specifically close down any in-game workarounds that players could use to manipulate times and leaderboards.

– Alongside this, the GP Events – Season Championship leaderboard is a focus area, as we close in on crowning our first event GP Events World Champion! With overall scores in this mode comprising of so many different races, laps and other factors, we’ve been crunching the numbers and double-checking data, so that all Season Championship leaderboard positions are correct, ahead of the season finale.

– With Season Championship mode, players now have an extra month participate and improve their overall score, before we close the season-long event and crown the first GP Events World Champion. Full details are in the game!

– Play fair, race fair. If any player is found to be cheating, breaking the rules, or manipulating the game to their advantage, bans will continue to be issued. Fairness across the board is something we take extremely seriously, so we have put stringent measures in place to ensure cheaters who ruin the experience for others are issued with bans.


Thank you to the incredible number of F1® Mobile Racing players who compete in our live PvP events with sportsmanship and fair tactics. With Update 9, we’re taking further steps forward in ensuring the in-game experience gives you the enjoyment and rewards you deserve.

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