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January 23, 2014

We’re only a few days away from getting a good look at this year’s car line-up, and with the new 2014 rules and regulations in place we suspect the cars will be looking a bit different from last year. But as with every season this change also gives the teams an opportunity to revise their livery and F1 identity. Sauber’s C32 was the car to sport the biggest change in livery last year, and with Force India already showcasing a brand new look for 2014 we’re expecting a few more changes amongst the grid.

But before the 2014 cars take the lime light we thought we’d take a look back at F1’s incredible history of iconic liveries. We all have our own favourites here at Codies (Lotus 72 for me!) but we wanted to know which liveries rank top for you.

Your Picks

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