Getting To Grips With F2™ In F1® 2019’s Free Trial



February 4, 2020

Now’s the best time to get into F1® 2019… and what better way than with a free trial? Luckily for you, we’re here to ease you nice and gently into the world of F1® 2019.

Playing on PlayStation 4? You can find the trial here.

Playing on Xbox? You can find your trial here.

You’ve chosen your driver, selected a team and you’re ready to go. If you’ve ever played an F1® game before, you may find the F2™ cars a different beast, so the question remains: how do you get to grips with an F2™ car?

Firstly, a little bit about FORMULA 2. FORMULA 2 is a spec series, which means that all the cars are, at their core, the same. The emphasis is on the driver to make the difference come race-day, and acts as the perfect stage to find the next F1® superstar. There’s a few key differences between an F2™ car and an F1® car – an F2™ car weighs a bit more than an F1® car, has much less downforce, less power in the engine and no power steering (eek).

You start your free trial, you arrive in F2™ straight into the action at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. You’ve just lost the lead of the race due to an issue with your car, and you’re told to move out of the way to let your faster teammate, Lukas Weber, through. Before you make the decision whether to let him past or not, there’s a more important question at hand: how do you drive an F2™ car?

There’s a few less things you need to concern yourself with in F2™ – there’s less technology to have to worry about, nothing you need to be adjusting on the fly – making sure you can really concentrate on the action. The very first thing you’ll notice, particularly if you have played an F1® game before, is the difference in the handling of the car. The lack of downforce and grip compared to an F1® car means you’ll need to brake a lot earlier and be much more cautious into the corners. Braking earlier into the corners will set you up for a great first race at the wheel of an F2™ car.

Once you’re in the corners, though, you may find that you need to fight more to keep the car under control – make sure you’re not going in carrying too much speed, and you’ll avoid going straight on in the corners, and you can get onto holding Lukas Weber up behind you (wink).

If you’ve yet to experience F1® 2019, this is the perfect time to dive in. Need some more beginner’s tips? Start here!

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