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March 24, 2016

As regulars of this blog will know, (if not, you can catch up on everything you’ve missed here!), last week from 14-16th March, 8 community members came and visited us at our Birmingham studios. Just as a little reminder these were:

  • DauntingConch
  • Tiametmarduk
  • Worntoathread
  • xMattyG
  • jinCHEZ
  • Aarava
  • Alex Gillon
  • TRL_Limitless

After Tiametmarduk had a little sneak preview the week before, none of them knew what to expect on Monday morning. Formal paperwork over with, Principal Games Designer Lee Mather gave our 8 community guys a presentation, giving them the lowdown on the brand new game, and what we’d got planned for them over these 3 days. Finally, down to business, and with a combination of pads and wheels, it was then getting to grips with F1 2016, before settling down to the first end-of-day feedback session, which lasted an hour and 20 minutes. These guys are certainly serious about giving us feedback.



Tuesday saw our guys throw themselves headfirst into the game, playing and testing every mode they could, seeing how far they could get and what they could do, asking questions and discussing things with the dev team, before the second feedback session of the week, this time reaching a mammoth 1 hour 45 minutes.


As Wednesday came about, we couldn’t let the last day go by without having some fun, so in between testing, we gave the guys a challenge: set the fastest time on our D-box on an F1 2016 circuit, and choose your prize. Alex Gillon set a blistering lap (which, was, of course promptly beaten by the David Greco), and Ben and Matt rounded off the top 3.


Then, there was only the last feedback session to go (1 hour 40 minutes this time) and photos before it’s time to say goodbye. DSC_8178    

The result? Pages upon pages of feedback, suggestions and tweaks we can make. This was the first step of a journey we want to make with all of you, and we can’t wait for what’s around the corner.  


You can see all our pictures in our Facebook album here

You can hear some reactions and first impressions from our community here:

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