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March 4, 2016

Way back in November, we posted a blog post that talked about both F1 2015 and moving beyond, we even teased the idea of bigger community involvement, and said we’d tell you more in the coming months.

We’re very proud to announce that the start is upon us, and this is going ahead! We’re holding it across 3 days from the 14th to 16th March in our Birmingham studios, and those invited will be able to get plenty of hands-on time with the game in development, as well as helping us to refine the final product. They’ll also get to see our studio, meet the team, ask questions and discuss the franchise.

Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone who put themselves forward in our nomination thread. We had over 100 people nominated, and as you can imagine, picking the people to invite along was incredibly difficult. Narrowing everyone down was a very difficult task, as we’d love to invite you all, but we’ve picked 8 people to visit our Birmingham studios, and these are:


  • DauntingConch
  • Tiametmarduk
  • Worntoathread
  • xMattyG
  • jinCHEZ
  • Aarava
  • Alex Gillon
  • TRL_Limitless


This is just the start of a journey, and we’re looking to involve and engage you all on a level we haven’t done before. The first stage of which is this survey here, which will help us understand how you like to play F1 2015 and how you’d like to see F1 games progress. Your answers will help us to shape the franchise.


This is the start of something we can’t wait to share with you.

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