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April 16, 2015

Following the announcement of F1 2015 at the end of last month we’ve been busy reading through your feedback, working hard on this year’s title and going on a mini world tour showing the game to press and media. Today the first round of previews hit the web and here’s what they had to say:


 ‘Braking feels different too. Pushed down by meteoric levels of downforce, our Mercedes’ steering is heavy, making full use of the Thrustmaster’s Force Feedback. When we hit the brakes and scrub off some speed, the steering gradually feels lighter as the downforce bleeds away. The result? The car is much more nervous at low speed corners than high ones, forcing you to rely on mechanical grip. Although a feature that only seasoned racers may notice, the overall effect is to create a car that’s easier to understand, and therefore more beginner friendly.’ – Red Bull Games

 ‘Even with a feather-light approach, you’ll still be micro-managing your way out of several near-disasters as the rear tires paint all that horsepower on the tarmac with the free-form dynamism of an abstract expressionist.’ – Eurogamer.net


‘It’s almost at a point where I can’t describe how impressive the visuals are in F1 2015, because it would be doing the game a disservice. Looking at the screenshots interspersed in this preview gives you an idea of how realistic the locations and cars are in this game. But it really has to be played to be believed.’ – trustedreviews.com

‘Even with a limited amount of play time we had, it is clear to us that F1 2015 makes a big leap over its predecessors, as far as just about every respect of recreating the experience of driving Formula One cars on a console is concerned. But we expected that, thanks to the leap to new-gen consoles’ – pocket-lint.com


‘That’s not quite as interesting as the new Pro Season mode, however, which will offer a dedicated challenge for the most ardent of racing fans. Though you can naturally achieve the same effect on your own, it codifies the stripping away of all the game’s assists, lets you race only from the first person view point, and gives you the full race weekend of three practice sessions, qualifying and a full length race. It’s a quite daunting prospect, and it’s needless to say that this mode will cater to the very best racers out there’ – thesixthaxis.com

‘With impressive visuals and much improved handling and audio, the package is shaping up nicely. But that’s not all. This year will feature the full selection of TV replay camera angles all backed up with commentary from David Croft and Anthony Davidson who have been reading thousands of lines for inclusion into what could be an epic and much sought after addition to the series. ‘ – teamvvv.com

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