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April 28, 2017

We started the new F1™ season off in style with our last F1™ 2016 event on PlayStation 4 – and what an event it was! We challenged you to take Daniel Ricciardo to glory on his home turf around Melbourne, and you guys didn’t disappoint. We had some fantastic entries, so thanks to all of you who sent your races in – we had a really hard time deciding the winner, but we couldn’t help but go with the entry below.

F1 2016 PS4 Events

Since we started our events for F1 2016 last October, we’ve had thousands upon thousands of you post results on our leaderboards – some of you with extraordinary performances, and some performances that you might want to forget!

The most popular event of our F1 2016 events line-up was our Montreal round in January, where we told you to take on the Canadian circuit with Jenson Button.  Unsurprisingly, the virtual Button-Canada combination led to some absolutely outstanding racing from you guys – just like its real-life counterpart.

For those of you haven’t taken part in one of our events before, here’s how it works: we give you a heads up that there’s an event coming, giving you a chance to ‘register’ in advance. Our PS4 events mean that we can put you in straight into a particular scenario, right in the middle of a race, and set you a challenge.

Our events this year have taken us all around the F1 calendar, from putting Romain Grosjean onto the podium on the Circuit of the Americas, winning the Brazil Grand Prix in Felipe Massa’s Williams, to charging Kimi Raikkonen through the field in Suzuka. Thank you to everyone who joined us for them – we hope you’ve had as much fun playing them as we’ve had looking through your entries!

Getting into the nitty gritty

There have also been a lot of you who’ve been consistently posting your efforts onto our event leaderboards. We’ve been doing some maths behind the scenes here at Codies, and we’ve totalled all of your times across all the events you’ve participated in, and we’ve been VERY impressed with the total. You are all incredibly quick! The lowest total combined time across all our events in F1 2016 was 6:33:10.840, achieved by PS4 speedster Der—Toten. That’s an absolutely incredible time – so congrats on being the fastest across our events!

Of course, with a winner there must also be runners-up – so here’s the top five from the combined times:

Der–Toten 6:33:10.840
kawarui 6:33:28.770
bolitadepelo 6:33:49.930
OrIIVaDoR 6:34:04.440
Kap069pa01 6:40:54.960

Congratulations to all of you for making the top times – they’re some pretty fantastic combined performances.

Event Competitions

Throughout the events we’ve had on PS4 this year, we’ve run a separate competition on our blog. By sending us the video of your event, we gave you the chance for one lucky winner to grab themselves some F1 2016 game merchandise.



Why don’t you check out all of our event winners below? We’ve also put them in a handy playlist for you here! Again, thank you to all of you who sent in your entries across all of our events – we’ve loved checking out your races across all of our F1 2016 events.


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