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June 20, 2019

Today, we’re going to be talking about the events in F1 2019! We know you love the events sytem of F1 2018, and it’s being expanded upon in F1 2019 in a number of ways, and we want to share with you some of the details of the new system.

For those of you who enjoyed the events system of F1 2018, we’re very happy to tell you that the events you already know and love still exist as “Featured Events”, and will continue to allow you to compete against each other in a specific scenario featuring the modern or classic F1 cars. But Featured Events are now just one of three different types of event, the other two being the new “Grand Prix” and “Classic Grand Prix” events.

A new event will begin at the start of each week. One week it might be a Grand Prix, the following week a Featured Event. At the end of each week you are awarded prizes based on your performance: Competition Points (CPs) (and you can find out more on that here) that can be used to purchase customisation items, and in-game trophies that can be displayed in the trophy cabinet within your Super Licence (and you can find out more about the Super Licence here), so that other players inspecting your Super Licence can see the accolades of which you are most proud.

The new Grand Prix weekly event uses the new F1® 2019 multiplayer car, and is structured a little bit differently to “Featured Events”:

From Monday to Friday the event is in the qualifying phase, in which you’re offered the opportunity to take part in both practice and qualifying sessions (both of which are run against local AI traffic). There are three practice sessions available, within which you can complete practice programmes in return for CPs. These CPs are kept even if you don’t qualify or take part in the race, so it’s worth spending some time trying to perfect your score in these programmes.

When you’ve completed your practice programmes (or if you decide not to use your remaining practice sessions) you can enter the qualifying session and try to set your time for the week. Now while Featured Events allow you to retry over and over again to perfect your performance, Grand Prix events seek to emulate the philosophy of the sport: can you perform when it counts? Because if you retry your qualifying session, not only is your previous time immediately cleared, but you also incur a time penalty. While the penalty starts small, it rapidly racks up over repeated attempts.

Qualifying times are posted to a global leaderboard, and are used when the event enters its second phase: the race weekend.

Over the weekend, multiplayer races are scheduled at specific times throughout the day. At these times, all the players waiting for the race enter matchmaking simultaneously, resulting in a much greater likelihood of finding a full session with players of your skill level. You’ll then be arranged on the grid based on your qualifying time.

To encourage as many people as possible to take part in races, the races can be repeated multiple times with no penalty… but making another attempt still clears your previous performance, so you need to be confident that you can improve upon it!

At the end of the race, you’ll receive a score based on a number of factors, including qualifying time, race position, total race time, assist level and more. It’s worth bearing in mind that you’ll receive a score even if you only take part in qualifying, and you can still race even if you didn’t set a qualifying time – so it’s always worth participating where and when you can. Your score places you in the global leaderboard, and at the end of the week you’ll be sent your prizes via the in-game mail system, based on where you placed.

These Grand Prix events will be broadly slated to occur at the same time as the real world events, with the weeks in between composed of Classic Grand Prix events and Featured Events. Classic Grand Prix works essentially the same way as the Grand Prix events described above, but uses classic cars instead of the multiplayer car, helping to provide a large amount of variety week-on-week.

With these new weekly events and the associated prizes there’ll be something to keep you coming back each and every week! And we hope you’re excited to join in with our first Weekly Event when the game launches next week.

Want to pre-order F1 2019? You can pre-order F1 2019 from formula1-game.com, or on various first party stores below:

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