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August 15, 2016

With the countdown to F1™ 2016 down to less than a week (who’s excited – we are!) previews have been hitting the press. With everything that’s been going on, we can’t blame you for missing an article or two.

Here in the UK, there was a press event at Silverstone, involving some of the most well-known motorsport and gaming journalists from Autosport to Eurogamer, and you can see some of the photos here:


Check out some of the UK press previews here:

F1 2016 Looks To Have Learnt Some Lessons From DiRT Rally – Eurogamer

F1 2016 Preview – Trusted Review

Are Codemasters Back On Pole With F1 2016 – The Sixth Axis

Here’s 21 Minutes of F1 2016 Career Mode Gameplay – Xbox Achievements

F1 2016 The Game: What’s New? – Autosport

F1 2016 Preview – Pistonheads

F1 2016 Preview – Digital Spy


Principal Games Director Lee Mather spent a week in the US, culminating in livestreams and articles that you can check out below:

F1 2016: Germany Track Gameplay 1080p 60fps – IGN

F1 2016 Is The Most Comprehensive Video Game Of Franchise – Beyond The Flag

We’re Playing F1 2016 With One Of The Guys Who Designed It – Jalopnik

F1 2016: Watch 30 minutes of intense racing action – Polygon

F1 2016 Interview: Warming Up for The Fastest Lap Yet – WCCFtech

Why F1 2016’s Career Mode Is The Best Yet – Red Bull


We’ve had some fantastic articles from the Americas, which you can also read here:






Level Up


We’ve also had some amazing articles from Japan, which you can read below:





It’s not too late to pre-order F1 2016! Pre-order here:

There really isn’t long left to go until the 19th August – F1 2016 release day. We can’t wait! Make sure you keep it here on the blog and on our Facebook and Twitter channels for more as launch date arrives.


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