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August 2, 2019
F1 Esports is more than just a competition for the best of the best and those good enough to fight for a place in the 2020 F1 Esports Pro Draft. There are also in-game rewards and amazing prizes up for grabs just for taking part – you can find out exactly what’s on offer and how it all works below!


In-game Customisation Items & Competition Points

First off, we have four fantastic in-game F1 Esports branded customisation items to unlock by completing the F1 Esports Events Scenarios:


1. Gloves

2. Helmet

3. Suit

4. Car Livery


These items unlock in order, and only one will unlock per event. They’ll also be awarded upon successful completion of the event i.e. you need to pass the objective, and the item will be given to you once the event is over. There are five F1 Esports qualifying events in total between now and 19 November, with each event being live for a two-week period, so you’ll need to take part in four out of the five F1 Esports qualifying events in order to unlock all of the items and get your hands on this awesome car livery:


Competition Points


Not only will you unlock the above items upon successful completion of each event. Depending on your place in the leaderboard, you’ll get a certain amount of Competition Points (CP) awarded once the event is over. You can use these to ‘buy’ other in-game items, such as gloves, suits, liveries etc. – and you can find out more about how these work right here


And that’s not all…


Prize Draw to win F1 tickets to the Australian Grand Prix and New Balance Kit


If you only attempt one of the five F1 Esports qualifying events and complete a lap, you will be eligible for some amazing prizes even if you don’t complete the challenge. Yes, you could be heading to the first race of the 2020 F1 season, taking place from March 13-15 2020, with flights, accommodation and a pair of three day Grandstand tickets up for grabs, as well as access to the F1 Paddock! No matter your skill level, your attempt books you a place in the random prize draw, so it’s anyone’s to win.


That’s not all – even if you don’t win the grand prize itself, New Balance have hooked us up with four sets of official F1 Esports gear, to help you get kitted out like a true racer.


  • One New Balance F1 Esports branded T-Shirt
  • One pair of New Balance F1 Esports branded Shorts
  • One pair of New Balance F1 Esports branded Tracksuit Bottoms
  • One pair of New Balance 997H Shoes

Just register at, and link either your Xbox Live, PlayStation or Steam gaming account. If you’re already registered, then you don’t need to worry about this one! Officially enter the 2020 F1 Esports Series and opt into the prize draw by selecting the check box on your driver profile page.


For more details, and terms and conditions please look here


So they’re the prizes that are on offer. Here’s the lowdown on the F1 Esports Qualifying events and dates, especially for those players who are hoping to make it to the F1 Esports Pro Draft in 2020, or those who just want to tune in and watch the action;



F1 Esports Challenger Series



The F1 Esports Challenger Series is a new addition to F1 Esports this year. It starts with 2 qualification events, before moving on to a 6 round online championship for the highest scoring 16 players (8 from each of the 2 qualification events) on each platform, with races running at 50% of real F1 race distance races and being streamed online. The top 7 players in each of the Challenger Series championships from each platform will make it through to the 2020 Pro Draft, with one being crowned the inaugural F1 Challenger Series champion:



  • Qualification Event 1 has now ended. The scenario saw you racing as Romain Grosjean in seventh position, and all you needed to do was get past Sergio Perez in sixth. Wherever you place on the leaderboard you got rewarded with Competition Points (CP), a customisation item and a swanky trophy.


  •  Qualification Event 2 is now open, and is a challenge around the Hungaroring. You’ve got until Sunday 18th August at 23.59.59 (BST) to set your score.


  • F1 Esports Online Challenger Series Championship; The 6 online races will take place from late August to November 2019


F1 Esports The Playoff


F1 Esports is more than just a competition for the best of the best and those good enough to fight for a place in the 2020 F1 Esports Pro Draft. There are also in-game rewards and amazing prizes up for grabs just for taking part – you can find out exactly what’s on offer and how it all works below!
The second chance of making it to the F1 Pro Draft is via the F1 Playoff. This comprises of three Qualification Events and three Online Playoff Races;


  • Qualification Event 3 will take place from 27 August – 9 September around Monza



  • Qualification Event 4 will take place from 30 September – 13 October around Suzuka


  • Qualification Event 5 will take place from 4– 17 November around Autódromo José Carlos Pace in Interlagos


As with the Challenger Series, each event will run for two weeks, and then this is where things get interesting, the races will consist of a unique winner-stays-on format that ensures an ever-evolving pool of talent. The top 16 drivers from each platform will qualify for the first event. But only the top eight of these will progress to the second race – where they will be joined by eight more fresh qualifiers for the second race. The top eight of this group will also progress to the third and final race, where one final set of eight drivers will join them for the final 16-driver race.


The top three drivers on each platform in this final race will make it to the Pro Draft, giving us another nine drivers for 2020.


How do you enter?


Load up the F1 2019 game and navigate to the Esports tab on the main menu. Note that you will require an internet connection. You’ll see the event on the left-hand side, when one is open. Click on it, and you’ll then need to log in to the F1 Esports site. This is just so we can keep a track of your score. If it makes things easier, you can log in to on your phone, laptop, tablet etc, and make sure that whichever gamertag you’re using is connected to your f1esports account. Once you’ve logged in, all you need to do is click the event, and you’re in!




  • Upon trying to login to I receive a “500 Internal Server Error”


This is normally caused by a duplicate email address, please email to have this amended for you.


  • My Email / Gaming Account is linked to another profile (or old profile) and not to the new email address I’m using. How can I change this?

Please could you visit and login.
-Once you have logged in, please attempt to link your account.
-Upon doing that, you should be logged into your old account.
-Now head to and you’ll be logged into your old account, unlink your Gamer account by clicking the icon.
-Now logout.
-Head back over to
-Upon logging into your new email address, please attempt to link your profile and this should resolve the issue for you.


  • Can I enter on all 3 platforms for the Challenger Series or Playoff series?


Afraid not. This is one entry per person for the entire series.


  • Do I have to register?


You are required to register (either in-game or on the website) to participate in the F1 Esports events. Registration is locked to 16 years and over, as is the competition minimum age, at the point of entry.


  • I’m slow – is it worth it?


Absolutely! You could win tickets to the 2020 Australian GP or some cool New Balance merchandise. See above for details


  • Can I enter the events if I’m under 16 at the moment, but 16 before the Pro Draft?


As a hard rule, you must be 16 years of age at the point you QUALIFY/ENTER the series.



  • Where are the leaderboards for each event?


You can check them out here on the website, or in the game itself. The Website shows the final version of the leaderboards and are updated each day.


  • I want to change my email address, how do I do it?


You can email to request for your email address to be changed, this will auto updated on when you next login.


  • Can I use a pad?


Absolutely! We’re open to all. But it must be noted that the Pro Draft / Pro Series uses wheels only. So you might want to get practising on a wheel sooner rather than later.
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