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September 6, 2017

If you’ve not seen already, our first F1™ Esports qualifier is now live for you to go and set your score on. You’ve been asking us a lot of questions about how this all works, so we thought we’d answer some of your most frequently asked questions!

How can I sign up to F1 Esports?

This is only a brief summary of the tournament rules, terms and conditions. For more details please refer to: https://f1esports.com/information & https://f1esports.com/terms-and-conditions

  • To enter the Online Qualification, each Driver must create an online account on F1Esports.com and link to their game account in order for their leaderboard time to be officially counted.
  • A Driver is not eligible to enter the F1 Esports Series 2017 if they are under sixteen (16) years of age at 4 September 2017. Drivers between the ages of 16 & 18 will need to be accompanied by an adult to the Semi final and final events should they progress that far.
  • These are non-negotiable legal requirements.
  • 2 specific Esports Qualification Events can be found within the F1 2017 game in the ‘EVENT’ section during the appropriate windows
    • Event 1: September 4th – 12th (Sahara Force India Formula One Team / Autodromo Nazionale Monza)
    • Event 2: September 18th – 26th (Red Bull Racing / Suzuka International Racing Course)
  • These can be accessed as follows:
    • On the front end move left twice and select “Event”
    • This will download the current events to your system and then show you the event information.
    • Here you can view the leaderboards and review the event information. When ready select “Start Event”.
    • You will be loaded into a race scenario, you have the option to change your car set up then start racing!


  • Once the relevant event window has closed (on 12 September 2017 and 26 September 2017 respectively), Drivers shall no longer be able to participate.
  • Drivers are not required to participate in both events, however are free to do so in order to maximise their chances of qualification. If a Driver secures a qualifying position from both events, only their earliest qualifying result will stand; their later entry will be discounted from the results.
  • Drivers need to successfully complete the objective set in the event in order to create a leaderboard entry. Be sure to read the event description for more details.
  • Any point allocations that appear to result from a glitch or exploit will be declared void by the admin team. It is recommended that users retain a video of their qualifying event in case the validity of their entry is challenged (see below for details on how to do this).
  • A Driver’s best score (together with all other participating Drivers’ scores) will be viewable through the Website on a global leaderboard.  If the Driver (acting reasonably) believes there is a genuine mistake in the points recorded on the Website they may submit a query (together with supporting evidence) to F1 (by emailing support@f1esports.com) who shall investigate (providing they consider such query to be credible) to determine whether or not a mistake has been made.
  • In the event that a Driver ties on points with another Driver, the Driver who posted the time first will be considered higher-placed.

Why are you allowing assists?

We are allowing assists so that as many people as possible can take part, and so that people can challenge themselves to get better at the game. The scoring system has been specifically designed to reward players who test themselves at their highest possible level, so higher points are awarded for things like racing with as many assists as possible turned off, and against the hardest AI, as well as factoring in things like the fastest event completion times, best lap times, a completely penalty free event, or penalty free lap, etc. We are already seeing that people are enjoying taking part and are upping their score as they get better at the game, and rest assured that the best times at the top of the leaderboards are being set by those who race unassisted against 110 level ultimate AI.

How do I record my Event?


You can broadcast on Twitch or Upstream by pressing the ‘Share’ button, then go to ‘Start Broadcasting’.

Also, if you go into your sharing and broadcasting settings via the share button, you will be able to change the time that the console records by up to one hour. Once the appropriate time has been selected (minimum 10 minutes advisable – 15 minutes is the automatic setting), double tap share at the beginning of the session so that the following action is recorded. Alternatively, at the end of each session you can press share and then square to save the footage prior to selecting this option.

Xbox One

If you have not activated the recording equipment on your XB1, you will need to complete the following steps:

Go to Settings -> Preferences -> System & App ->

Make sure “Allow broadcast and game captures” is ticked.

After that you can change your settings so that it records the last 5 minutes, instead of the last 30 seconds, which will make sure that you have the maximum amount recorded. These clips that you record can be found on www.xboxdvr.com

You can also:

Download and install the following apps,



Upload Studio

Game DVR

When you are viewing a replay, “Snap” the Game DVR app, and press ‘Start clip now’ at the time of the replay you want. You can record up to 5 minutes per go. To find the clip:

Home Screen -> My Games & Apps -> Apps -> ‘Upload’ -> ‘My Captures’

To upload your clip to YouTube, you will need to go load the YouTube app first,

YouTube -> Press Left on the D-Pad -> Uploads -> UPLOAD -> Pick your selected clip.

From there you can give it a title, select the Privacy setting and see what channel it being uploaded to. Then just press upload and away you go.

If you want to edit the clip, you can do in ‘Upload Studio’ by pressing the ‘Options’ button on the selected clip. You can use this app to trim andpiece multiple clips together and share to OneDrive.



Every Nvidia graphics card from the 600 series onwards is capable of recording via ShadowPlay, which is integrated into the Nvidia GeForce Experience software. You can find all the recording options in GeForce Experience by clicking on the share button in the program.

For other graphics cards there are a number of third party software solutions to record PC gameplay, all of which will be subject to their own terms of use and we recommend Drivers ensure they understand such terms before downloading the software and ensure it is suitable for their intended use.

If your PC is too weak to record or you encounter issues with the game performance while recording, you may use an external recording device like a mobile phone or a camera. Be extra careful in this case that all the required information (gamertag & timings) is still viewable in the video.

Upload your footage to a platform like YouTube (make sure it’s set to ‘unlisted’) and share the link in the Time Trial Qualification Thread.


How to I link my gamertag/username to my Esports account?

Register and link your account on F1Esports.com

When will the leaderboards be updated?

Leaderboards will be updated once per day, so entries will not update instantly.


How can I access the leaderboards?

Only accounts which have been registered and linked on F1Esports.com will be valid for participation in the F1 Esports series; https://f1esports.com/leaderboard


What do I do if my leaderboard entry isn’t showing on https://f1esports.com/leaderboard?

  • Make sure you have registered on the website and linked your gamer account
  • Leaderboard entries are only refreshed every 24 hours, so please wait for a sufficient amount of time to elapse
  • Check your privacy settings if you are playing on XBL and ensure privacy settings are set to “Adult” (This setting is available on the Xbox under: Settings > Account > Privacy & online safety > Xbox Live privacy)

Can I qualify on a pad or a wheel?

For the online qualification stage both are permitted. For the London semi final and Abu Dhabi finals users will have to play on a wheel on a PC.

How will I know if I’ve got through to the semi finals?

We will be communicating the winners in due course. Winners are only contactable if they have officially registered on F1Esports.com

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