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October 4, 2013

F1 2013 is available in two editions: F1 2013 includes the full game of the current season and classic content from the 1980s. Alternatively, fans can choose to purchase F1 2013: Classic Edition, a premium version of the game limited to a run of just 10,000 units in the UK, featuring bespoke box art and expanding the game with 1990s Content and Classic Track Packs. Classic content in both editions is introduced by legendary broadcaster Murray Walker and can be experienced in a range of game modes, including split-screen and online multiplayer.

F1 2013 makes another dramatic leap forward in graphical quality, setting the benchmark for how good a racing game can look

F1 2013 is further improved and enhanced with wide-ranging technical and gameplay improvements. New Scenario Mode pushes gamers to complete in realistic challenges and earn awards for quick-fire racing, whilst mid-session saves allow players to complete a full Grand Prix weekend at their own pace. An expanded Young Driver Test, based on the real world event set at Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina, eases novices into the world of Formula One and includes a range of challenges to enable players to master elite driving techniques. F1 2013 makes another dramatic leap forward in graphical quality, setting the benchmark for how good a racing game can look, and improved driver AI behaviour will further immerse players in unique Formula One races.

It’s been a long wait until launch but it’s here and we are really proud of this year’s title. We would like to thank our huge community of players – having such a passionate set of fans who love the sport like we do continue to drives us forward. We hope you enjoy F1 2013 and can’t wait to hear what you think.

 “Grip the wheel, grit your teeth, and hurtle around those flat-out right-handers around the back of the track and feel like a real F1 driver. There’s nothing else like it on current-gen..”

– GamesRadar

I love ‪#f12013! Thank you ‪@Codemasters! The Game is awesome!


F1 2013 takes you on a nostalgia trip into the history of Formula One, while compelling new modes and subtle improvements layer atop a familiar, but winning formula. F1 2013 is a varied game that accurately mirrors the tension and excitement of F1 racing.


“Pi = 3.14 Good Game”

Into The Barrier

F1 2013 is still a superlative racing game, and we hope to see more classic content in future iterations


I can feel way more bumps , the cars slides more… Awesome…

– Naeemali007

F1 2013 is the franchise’s most complete, versatile and thoughtful iteration yet. Fans of the sport will lap up what is an extremely rewarding product.


“Great jobs boys and girls”

– wikke1984

“It looks good, sounds good, feels good, and is crammed with plenty to do.”


“I reckon Its the best version so far…”

– Yeltzman

“Brilliant game, best in the series.”

– jamieeeey0

“What a game! Can’t stop playing!”


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