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October 19, 2018

We’re very happy to announce that a trial version of F1® 2018 is now available on the Xbox One family of devices, including the Xbox One X, and PlayStation® 4. Want to learn more? We can help you – we spoke to Game Director Lee Mather to get all the details!


Hi Lee! The F1® 2018 trial is now live – could you tell us a little bit about what exciting new things players can expect?

“The F1® 2018 trial will give players the opportunity to experience the first full race weekend at Albert Park. Starting the season, the player will be introduced to some new locations within the paddock, as well as Carl, who will deal with your research and development, Claire, a new character and journalist who will ask you questions about our Career in between sessions, and Emma, who is your agent, returning to the game to keep your business and contract talks in check.

On the subject of contracts, the player will also get to see how the new contract system looks in game, though negotiations won’t open to the player in the trial, as that occurs later in the season. Key to the player‘s reputation in the paddock, racers will also get to see how their behaviour to the press can impact on their Career reputation, not only with their own team, but with other teams. Also new to F1® 2018; the player will see how they’re perceived within the paddock. How the player answers questions will impact on whether they’re seen as exhibiting showmanship or sportsmanship, both strong characteristics often shown by racing drivers. Each team in the game will have a character preference, as well as performance expectations.

At the end of the race weekend, the player will be invited to take part in an invitational event. There are two to chose from, one of them is on the Suzuka short layout, the other on a new track to the season, Paul Ricard in France. I won’t give away the cars, but one of them is new to the game this year, as we’ve added in some older classic cars.”

Could you give us some tips for racing Albert Park?

“Being a street circuit, Albert Park is tough on the rear tyres, so managing traction out of the corners is key. New for F1® 2018, the player will also need to pay attention to the carcass temperature of the tyre, on longer runs, ensuring that they don’t get too hot, causing a reduction in grip. Corner wise, turns 11 and 12 are notoriously tricky, and a lot of time can be gained and lost here, especially as they lead in to a DRS zone. F1® 2018 also has player managed ERS deployment, so it’s advisable to learn how to get the best out of it, but taking part in the Practice Programme relating to ERS. Poor management can leave you a sitting duck. Of course, there’s also an option to allow the game to manage the ERS, as it is an advanced feature.”

How did you deal with the press in your first Career Mode in F1® 2018, and what tips do you have for people playing for the first time?

“Funnily enough, facing the press is something I do a lot in my real Career, and I found I wanted to reply in a similar way. Sometimes I found the appeal of the cheekier, or more disruptive answers, but overall, I wanted to motivate and inspire my team to perform at their best. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to player character, but if things aren’t going well on track, sometimes you have to pick the one which will do the least damage to your team or reputation.”

Thanks Lee! You can play a free trial of F1® 2018 on PlayStation® 4 and the Xbox One family of devices right now, and don’t worry, if you do decide to join the rest of the grid and buy F1 2018, you’ll be able to carry your career right where you left it, and all your saved games and achievements will be carried over.

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