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December 17, 2013

The first day of a game jam is usually a whirlwind of build setups and discussions about what we can possibly achieve in less than a week of development time. Today was exactly that. Having decided that we wanted to create a new take on the soapbox racer – codename Soap – it was a case of swinging into action, fast!

The code team have been hard at work setting up the first version of the game, we’ve had some initial discussions about audio, and Producer Ross did a great job opening a box of biscuits. Our art team have also gone a long way to settling on a visual style, which is looking great! Progress has been encouraging and exciting, but you’d be surprised how long it can take to get a simple wooden box propelled down a hill…


As well as being a fun game to play, one of the key ideas behind Soap is to support several different types of Physiotherapy. This might be for someone rebuilding muscle after a physical injury or a patient trying to regain use of a limb after a stroke. Our build will be configurable with that in mind, with different levels of difficulty and altering car handling styles depending on the needs of the patient.

When the team left the studio yesterday we had the soap box on a downhill track, with an initial prototype of a control scheme in place. Today we’ll start work on game flow and obstacle placement.

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