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December 19, 2013

Another decent day of progress today, but still plenty to do. This update will be a quick one!

The Soap Cart itself is now getting some love and attention, since we’ve been discussing styles and we know what we want. Now it’s just a case of getting it built in time! Rich has plenty of work to do on that front, but this IS what he does for a living, so we’re confident it’ll be ready in time!

Stuart in audio is making great progress, the sound effects really suit the art style and the music ramps up nicely as the cart gains speed. 

Harvey, Art Director on DiRT, stepped in to help us with shader work now that Andy is out of the office. We’ve got a slightly new visual style, which gives the game a more positive and energising palette. This will hopefully appeal to all the patients that play our game as part of their therapy. 

Thursday will be our final day of development before we showcase the game on Friday.

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