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February 28, 2014

It was a busy start to the week for the GRID team as a fellowship of designers, producers and car handling experts travelled southbound to Kent, and more specifically to a certain track called Brands Hatch.

Our purpose of visiting was to meet up with the Drift All Stars team who were kind enough to offer us some tuition on getting a car sideways. Days like this aren’t uncommon for the team as we’re always looking for ways to improve our working knowledge, whether it’s how a certain car handles, circuit research, driver insight like last week’s Matt Neal visit or in this case, some experience in how drift cars handle.

We’ll be bringing you the full details of the day in due course but it’s safe to say that many a traffic cone were hit and that we finished the day with our knowledge suitably increased. If you can’t wait and just have to have a bit more insider knowledge I caught up with Chief Games Designer James Nicholls, who spills the beans:

“We spent the day being coached by Niall Gunn and James Deane, former European champion, and also learned about the way they set up and judge their events around Europe. James also took us for ridealongs and showed off his insane skills whilst we tried to look cool on camera. The resident BMW E46, Nissan 350Z and Toyota Soarer all took one hell of a beating… sorry chaps.
It’s easy to see why the sport is growing so fast across Europe, and why it’s such a buzz for the drivers. When you’re in that zone where the drift is working, it’s an amazing adrenaline rush, and when you just lose it, you find yourself frustrated and wanting to get back there. It’s a lot like playing a really hard videogame, only with a lot more smoke, G-Force and danger!
The next day James Deane and James Hudson dropped into Codemasters HQ and helped us improve the handling on a few cars… but you’ll have to wait for the details on that visit!”

Thanks James, and I’m sure it’s no coincidence that sets of traffic cones have started making their way into the car park in random figure of eight layouts…

This week I thought it would be great to catch up with some of the great Community creations that we’ve seen recently, as we’re continually blown away by the talent and creativity of the GRID Community.

This week we’re focusing on Community member HUGHB006 who has been creating some great videos lately.

In the video he heads to Yokohama Docks in Race Driver: GRID and puts the Dodge Charger sideways. It certainly brings back memories of drifting in the first GRID, some great hits of nostalgia right there.

Have you created anything GRID based, if so then we’d love to see it! Whether it’s some kick ass screenshots or an awesome gameplay trailer (you can find our video policy here) we want to hear from you.

Ever wanted to get in touch with the GRID team, have a burning question you want answered? Well now you can. Feel free to drop us an email on and we’ll answer the best ones next week.

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