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March 31, 2014

We’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for San Francisco so when it was the turn of the Game Developers Conference to descend onto the city just a week or so ago we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pay it a visit and talk about some of the tech behind GRID 2.

Armed with a vocabulary full of extremely complicated technical terms we sent Richard Kettlewell, one of our Senior Programmers to do a presentation alongside our good friends at Intel.

Who else to give you a quick rundown on the talk than Richard himself:

“Learn how Pixel Shader Ordering was used on Intel GPU’s to implement Order Independent Transparency, and Volumetric Shadow Mapping, followed by a discussion on optimising for devices that share resources between the CPU and GPU.

Finally, see how Codemasters are optimising GRID to run on Windows Tablet Devices, such as the Intel Baytrail, and what new challenges this brings.”


You can find the presentation deck over on the GDC Vault, simply direct your mouse in an orderly fashion to this page.

Do you fancy yourself as a technical wizard? Do you understand the presentation without having to squint curiously at the equations located within? Want to help us make games that run great on PC and tablet? If you answered yes then you could be just what we’re after, head over to the careers page and come join us.

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