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April 1, 2014

Today we’re pleased to announce a brand new title, it’s the one you’ve all been waiting for so without further ado please let us introduce you to GRID: Railroad.

GRID: Railroad is set to take racing to a whole new level, with authentic forward, stop and go train movements we’re taking things to the next level.

Station Master mode will result in unforgettable multiplayer experiences. As you race your train along the 1,337 miles of track you’ll have to contend with members of the opposing team switching points at will. Survive the sudden track changes and make it to your destination on time.

LivePoints will change things up on the fly, watch as the track evolves in front of your very eyes with evolving points taking you on new and exciting adventures.

We’re also making changes to RaceNet, or should we say RailNet, which will track all your train based stats. Train spotters rejoice as the brand new RailNet companion app will also allow you to keep a record of any trains you spot. The more trains you spot, the more in-game rewards you’ll receive.  Spotting special trains will even trigger them appearing in your game, so get down to your local station, and get spotting!

We’ve got big plans for GRID: Railroad and we’re pleased to confirm that we’ve teamed up Transport for London to allow you to purchase any future content with your Oyster Card.

To support the ever growing e-sports scene the dedicated Waiting Room feature will allow you to spectate multiplayer matches.

A good racing game needs a great set of locations and that’s why we’ve brought some of the hottest stations to life. Race along a vast number of routes calling at; Longfield, Gare de Franchimont, Bathurst, Agence Immobiliere da la Gare Monaco,  4th and King Street, Chicago Union, Gare Saint-Jerome.

Key features include:

  • 1,337 miles of racing track
  • Point to Point racing evolved
  • Demolition shunting mode
  • Truerail handling
  • Customisable wagons
  • Full RailNet support
  • LivePoints system
  • Station Master
  • Dedicated in-train view
  • Waiting room spectate mode
  • Use your Oyster Card to purchase additional content

Join us for this exciting adventure, as where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

GRID: Railroad is coming soon to a station near you, join the discussion over on Facebook and Twitter.

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