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April 25, 2013

RaceNet is the beating heart of GRID 2’s extensive multiplayer component and is something we think you’re really going to love and get a lot out of in the coming weeks and months. It’s been in beta for a while but adds a huge amount of extra functionality and content when it launches fully with GRID 2. To better explain what sort of thing you can expect I caught up with Senior Games Designer Lee Roberts who breaks down some of its key features for you:


We developed RaceNet Rivals so you always have someone to challenge and compete against in GRID 2’s multiplayer modes.

You can have up to six rivalries active at any one time across a variety of Rival types. First up you’ll get a Weekly Rival which is auto assigned to everyone playing GRID 2 who has a RaceNet account. A Weekly Rival could be anyone on RaceNet playing GRID 2 but we aim to match you with a player who is most similar to you based on your XP, the amount you play or your region amongst other factors. You’ll get a new Weekly Rival every 7 days so there’s always someone fresh to take on and as a bonus, if you beat your Weekly Rival on the track you’ll get a small cash boost in-game for your accomplishment.

Next up you’ll get a Custom Rival. Like Weekly Rivals this will be assigned automatically, however with Custom Rivals you can focus the Rival search on a type of Rival you want to play against. To do this over on the RaceNet site you’ll be able to change the settings of the Custom Rival selection. For example, you can opt to find a more experienced player, someone who has the same win / loss ratio as you or someone who likes a specific mode. By simply changing the settings you’ll get the Custom Rival you want when the new Challenge week begins. Just like Weekly Rivals you’ll get a new Custom rival every 7 days.

Finally, you’ll be able to set up four Social Rivals. With Social Rivals can create Rivalries with your friends, but you’ll also be able to create and keep Rivalries with your previous Weekly and Custom rivals.


Global Challenge

Along with Rivals, RaceNet is also powering the Global Challenge system. Global Challenge Events are a range of asynchronous contests covering Drift, Power Lap, Overtake and Checkpoint modes. Since the events are asynchronous you can compete when it suits you making competition even easier. Every 7 days RaceNet will be sending nine new events into the game for you to participate in, covering a variety of locations and car tiers meaning there’s always something new to take part in. As well as trying to top RaceNet Global Leaderboards you’ll also be competing with your friends and Rivals in game for XP and cash rewards.

Every Global Challenge Event will have an in-game personal leaderboard that shows your position against your friends and rivals, with Challenge points awarded according to these results. All Challenge points are then combined from all events into a weekly leaderboard. Players are awarded XP and cash rewards depending on the position achieved at the end of the Challenge Week. The more friends and Rivals you have, the higher the XP and cash reward are!


Objectives are something we’ve been working on in the background with other titles as we’ve developed the RaceNet service. In GRID 2 we’ve enhanced them to become a full feature. Essentially, objectives are like mini achievements or trophies to aim for while you’re playing the game. When we launch, there will be 20 objectives to complete that cover all the game modes, but we’re also aiming to provide more objectives in the future and would like to get everyone playing the game involved too. So if you think of an objective you’d like to see and we can track it, then let us know!



With Followers we were keen to create something that would make every multiplayer race count and also something that would bring all of the multiplayer modes together. Essentially, Followers is a form of XP on RaceNet but unlike the XP you receive in game, your popularity can go up and down based on how successful you are. For example, with Rivalries it’s all about performing better than your opponent, on the track in both Global Challenge and regular Playlist and Custom races.

With Global Challenge Events, if you set a quicker time or a better score than your Rival you’ll steal some of their Followers for yourself but if your Rival then goes and beats your personal best they’ll not only win their Followers back but also steal some of your Followers too.

This competition lasts for the same time as the Global Challenge Event and whoever is in front when the event ends gains that Follower boost permanently. With Playlist and Custom races you’re in an XP competition with your Rivals, so the more successful you are in races the more game XP you’ll gain and whoever gains the most XP in the week will win the Rivalry. For winning you’ll not only receive a Followers boost from RaceNet but also steal some of your opponents Followers base too. You can also get a Follower boost for completing RaceNet objectives as well as uploading YouTube videos so there’s plenty to get involved with.

RaceNet Followers will be shown on RaceNet via both weekly and all-time leaderboards. With the all-time leaderboards we want to promote the most skilled players in GRID 2, almost giving them celebrity status on the site and through our community channels. Then, with the weekly leaderboards we can call out who are the current rising stars are in GRID 2, meaning there’s always something to aim for.

As a reward for gaining Followers on RaceNet you’re also going to be able to unlock Rival cards. These are shown on the site to your current set of Rivals so are a great way to show off how skilled you are!

Start your Racing Career

If you already have a RaceNet account you’re all set and ready to go in GRID 2. Don’t have an account? Simply head over to racenet.com and hit register!

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