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April 24, 2014

One of the things we wanted to do with GRID Autosport was to bring back a number of assists and difficulty options. The end result is simple; you now have the ability to tailor your racing experience to your exact tastes. Want to turn off Traction Control? Go ahead! Feel like turning on ABS, go for it. Some of the feedback we received after GRID 2 was that a number of you did miss the ability to turn individual assists on and off, and this played a huge role in our decision to bring them back. All the assists are also modelled on the real world systems that are fitting to many modern road and race cars.

While you’re never penalised for running with assists on, those of you that do decide to turn up the difficulty will be rewarded with various benefits such as increased experience. As an example the default difficulty settings will return you the following bonuses:

  • Very Easy – 0% Bonus
  • Easy – 8% Bonus
  • Medium – 24% Bonus
  • Hard – 32% Bonus
  • Very Hard – 44% Bonus
The Assists

ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
ABS prevents the wheels from locking up while braking and therefore avoiding skidding. ABS works by modulating the braking pressure without any extra input from the player, this means that you can hold the brake all the way down but braking force will oscillate to prevent the wheels from locking up and allowing to turn and brake at the same time. ABS will kick in at the point that it detects locking of the wheels and not before.  It’s worth noting that it’s still important to brake before you turn even with ABS on as the load on the front axle could understeer the car.

Dynamic Racing Line
GRID Autosport will see the return of a Racing Line and is a perfect way for drivers to learn a new track. The line will dynamically show you when to brake and accelerate based off the behaviour of the line itself.

During a straight, individual blocks of the line will space further apart the faster the speed for that section. As you make your way into a corner the blocks will come closer together to let the driver know to get ready to brake. The braking zone will then take the form of a solid block which will fade back to the standard blocks as the player reaches the desired speed.


Traction Control
Traction Control limits the power of the engine (scales the rpms) at the point at which it detects slip from the powered wheels and works to maintain traction. Turning Traction Control off will allow you to go faster as it activates early for safety reasons. Traction Control isn’t used to keep the car on a set path but to ensure you do not break traction on the driven wheels.

Stability Control
Stability control, also known as Brake Torque Vectoring helps to keep the car going in the direction you are steering while cornering and helps to reduce under or over steer. If the direction you are steering and the direction you are travelling in don’t match, the brakes are applied to individual wheels to bring the car back on its intended path. Stability control can only be turned on if ABS is on and will not be available during Drift events.

Cornering Assist
Using a variety of both braking assist and throttle management systems Cornering Assist will create a smooth ride for the driver by reducing the harshness of the brakes kicking in. Cornering Assist will not be usable in Drift events and can only be turned on if ABS is also set to on.

Auto Steer
Aimed at new players, auto-steer will help guide the player around a circuit keeping them on the racing line, but will still give you enough control that you don’t have problems overtaking opponents. Auto Steer will not be usable in Drift events.

Other Options

As well as assists there are also a number of options that you can toggle to further customise your racing experience:


Damage Level
The level of your damage comes in two variants:

  • Visual – All damage is cosmetic only and does not affect the performance of the vehicle
  • Full – Your car will suffer from mechanical damage if it’s involved in a collision or pushed too hard

AI Difficulty
Set how talented the AI opponents and team mates are on the track. The harder the difficulty, the more skilled the AI will become.

Choose how many second chances you have in each race. Set from 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and unlimited flashbacks.

Choose between either a manual or automatic transmission.

Entire HUD
Switching this off will remove the HUD in its entirety.

Camera Position
Lock the camera position to allow for any to be used or interior cam only.

A number of these options will also be available to multiplayer hosts, giving you full control over the lobby. Are you happy to see assists return, what difficulty setting do you think you’ll be playing on? Join in the discussion over on the forums.

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