Going For Gold



May 14, 2013

Exciting news – GRID 2 has gone gold and as we speak copies are being manufactured and distributed worldwide.

Last year at 8am on August 8th we officially announced GRID 2 to the world and since then we’ve piled everything we have into making GRID 2 the best game it can be, a worthy sequel and a game that will continue in the tradition of breaking new ground.

That journey from announcement last year to release is now very nearly complete, almost five years to the day that the original GRID burst onto the scenes. We can’t wait until you all get to play the game for yourselves.

Throughout, we’ve been truly taken aback by the amount of passion you guys have for GRID 2. It’s been a real highlight personally and for our team to be able to talk to all of you throughout development, whether it has been on Facebook, Twitter, the blog, our forums and face-to-face at various events across the world.

We hope that conversation continues. These days, shipping the game isn’t the end of the story and we certainly won’t be downing tools. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts, get your feedback, see your moments. We’re expecting some epic videos being uploaded from in-game to YouTube and RaceNet will become a perfect destination to check out the best and funniest of what you guys can do with GRID 2.

And although those discs are being prepped as we speak, we’ve still got a few surprises up our sleeves and new content to keep you ticking over until launch.

In the mean time, simply put, thank you for being involved and making this launch so memorable.

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