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May 20, 2013

Games have evolved over the years and whilst once upon a time a development team would move straight onto the next project when the game was complete, through the adoption of downloadable content we’re now able to build extra content for our games and offer you, our players, an extended experience.

…looking towards the future, looking at how we can support the game and how we can give people the chance to acquire fresh content

If you’re familiar with games development you’ll know that these last few weeks are rather hectic as the game moves towards manufacturing. However, as some teams are ramping up – polishing the game and so on – some teams may be scaling down – designers for instance. Parts of the team who have seen their work on GRID 2 completed can start looking towards the future, looking at how we can support the game and how we can give people the chance to acquire fresh content to extend the game.

We’ve seen what were the odd mention of potential GRID 2 DLC online turn into fully fledged discussions, so we thought we’d confirm that yes, there are people working away at new content for the game already and give you some insight as to what you can expect.

First up, you may have seen that there are a number of GRID 2 pre-order bonuses available. These will make up part of the first wave of DLC and they will all be available separately once GRID 2 has launched. Following this, we will be looking to release fresh new content each month and you can expect the first pack to be released towards the end of June, all things going to plan (note: this is a plan that is ultimately subject to change based on a number of factors, as is the way in games development).

Beyond that, we’re looking at releasing DLC every month until October, ensuring that not only do you get a game that is packed full of content but you also get almost half a year of fresh new content to play, if you want it, the first three packs you’ll see below:

  • Super Modified Car Pack – June
  • Drift Car Pack – July
  • Peak Performance Car Pack – July

You may notice that some of the information for the packs above is located within the game, this is essentially the early ground work, text strings and hooks that make it easier for the team to add DLC post release without the need for a large patch.

I’d also like to take two minutes to put some fears to rest. First off we’ve heard a number of our PC players are concerned that any DLC won’t be coming to the platform. I’m pleased to say that we will be supporting all formats with our content packs, including PC.

We look forward to seeing you in-game, both at launch and for many months down the line.

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