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May 30, 2014

May 30th 2008, a date that will continue to be talked about by fans of racing games for many years to come. Within Codemasters itself it’ll always be a date that causes waves of nostalgia to wash over everyone.

It was on this day six years ago Race Driver: GRID was released. It’s a bit of a scary thought, six whole years!  Here’s some of our own thoughts and feelings on the game.

“When you’ve lived, breathed and worked solidly on a game over the course of 18 months, very often you barely want to play or look at it for many weeks after it goes gold. GRID was different. The feeling on-track, the breadth of content and gameplay depth was tireless and timeless” – Clive Moody, Senior Executive Producer

…there was so much variety and so many interesting new ways to race

“For me, there were two things that stick in my mind. The first was the way the game moved through the gears as you progressed through the career mode. Just at the point you thought you’d settled into a rhythm, you’d be introduced to something new – the raw speed of the open wheel racing, the team racing, the 24 hour races… there was so much variety and so many interesting new ways to race, and it was introduced at a perfect rate.

Secondly, and obviously, it was the racing. The fierce fights with the AI. Bringing your car home in a mid-pack position but hitting your targets. Racing with your team mate and securing your team goals. Limping home with a broken car. No matter which style of racing you took part in, there was always a ferocity and a hard competitive edge to each race, that drew you back for more. This was so different from what every racing and driving game was doing at the time and still stands up today!” – James Nicholls, Chief Games Designer


We recently asked you what you thought of the game, what special memories you had, here’s what you had to say.

  • I started gaming at 1982 with Sinclair Spectrum and GRID is the best racing game ever for me what I can I say more – @Kromosto
  • Physics, visual & sound effects, and of course the flashback system – @fylhammam
  • A friend of mine barrel-rolling over my head as I drove past his crash scene is a particularly fond memory – @BlueFury47
  • It was just outstanding when I first played it, it looked beautiful, the handling was solid, it was a hell of a lot of fun – @XeonChrome
  • 50 laps demo derby on hardest difficulty with no assists – @MyNameIsAhh
  • The authentic career mode which was a joy to play – Cheesenium
  • It had natural excitement and didn’t need gimmicks – Ronin05
  • The career, building up your team up from essentially nothing to a world class outfit with the best cars & drivers – Scooter8299
  • Realistic racing environment with semisim handling – Lastbreath
  • Many hours went by while racing the Spyker on Istanbul Park – P308R
  • The bumper to bumper racing online with touring car and good players. The great chaos derby racing with the Jupiter and the variety of cars (from slot to fast) – Purple44
  • Online bumper to bumper racing in Touring Cars – Assiemodis
  • Then I finally got online, and convinced a friend to get it as well, who loved it, and eventually we had about six of us racing online together. We still haven’t stopped playing it – RallyDriven


Six years on and it’s fairly safe to say that the memories of Race Driver: GRID still flow freely, but while we look back we also look forward. In four week’s time the next chapter of the GRID series is released into the hands of racing fans everywhere.

We look forward to racing against you in GRID Autosport and more importantly, we look forward to forging some new memories.

We’ll see you on the track!

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