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June 27, 2019

Game launches! Big updates! Bad motorsport puns! We’re coming to the end of another huge couple of weeks for Codemasters, so what better way to catch up on it all than our Racing Line update?

Every other Thursday, we’re using the Codies Blog to update you on game news, external events, and even the odd exclusive reveal. Let’s kick things off with F1 2019, as we join the action right in the middle of our earlier-than-ever launch…

F1 2019

Yes, it’s here! F1 2019 is launching this week on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, with the Legends Edition going live on Tuesday, ahead of the full launch tomorrow. To celebrate, the new TV trailer is live, so keep an eye on your telly boxes for that (or watch it here), as well as our launch trailer:

With a game launch comes reviews, and we’ve some amazing F1 2019 reviews from Eurogamer, Motor Sport Magazine, Autosport and so many more. Thank you to all reviewers and our players so far for your feedback, your photos, your videos; it’s great to see so many people enjoying F1 2019 – and so early on in the season!

Just before that, we were able to catch up with Daniel Ricciardo and let him take on the Paul Ricard circuit in the game, which you can check out here. We’ve still got plenty more surprises up our sleeves to celebrate launch week during the Austrian Grand Prix weekend, so check our social channels (and keep a close eye on the race action…) for more. For now though, enjoy the game and see you on the track!

– Jenny


We just couldn’t let our teammate F1 2019 have all the fun this week! Alongside the console game’s launch, there’s also been plenty going on with our free-to-play official F1 title…

Update 6 has just gone live for all compatible devices, which brings the official chassis for each team into the game. Whilst the official regulation chassis has been used for each team until now, the unique looks of all 10 teams will arrive in F1® Mobile Racing with U6, with no additional cost or unlock needed.

Alongside that, we’re beginning to roll out haptic feedback to selected devices! Beginning with high-end iOS devices, you’ll now feel feedback and vibration during races when certain events happen, like going over kerbs or making contact with another car. All this and more was shown off in a preview livestream earlier this week.

Alongside that, the GP Events Season Championship mode has picked up pace, as back-to-back race weekends challenge players to improve their score on the global leaderboards. At the mid-season point (the summer break, after the Hungarian Grand Prix), rewards will be handed out based on players’ performance. Those in the top tiers will receive one particularly special prize…

That’s right! The official ‘NEEEUM’ car and livery, revealed by F1 at the start of the season, is up for grabs in Season Championship mode. Improve those scores and get your paws on this exclusive prize…

– Chris


Hello again everyone!

Since I last checked in quite a lot has been happening in the world of DiRT.

Latvia RX is here, the first new Rallycross DLC track to make it into DiRT Rally 2.0. The track itself is equal parts challenging and exciting, especially with the recently-released Group B Rallycross cars.

Launch week was a little rocky however thanks to some technical issues preventing people from accessing their DLC content but the DiRT team and partners were on the case and everything got cleared up before last weekend.

On the community side I’ve been enjoying the screenshots DiRT players have been sharing, and picked out a few of my favourites for our social media channels. If you’ve got an eye for composition and an idea in mind be sure to drop it into the screenshot thread on the forums! Finally, the DiRT Roadbook is your one-stop-shop for all the latest DiRT news; I’ll be posting these every Friday so check the blog for your weekly fix.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to F1 2019 to throw down some laps at Monza, see you all soon!

– PJ


Where to begin? Let’s throw it all the way back to E3, where GRID received a thorough test drive from plenty of press and media in Los Angeles. The verdict? VG24/7 has shortlisted GRID (alongside F1 2019) for Best Racing Game, whilst Game Informer gave GRID its Best Racing Game of E3 award, outlining “a bevy of enhancements that should delight fans and newcomers.”

We ended last week with a big update on features and content, including confirmation of the first 12 cars coming to GRID. From a race-ready Ferrari to some American muscle icons, there’s already plenty of variety in the list. We’ll be progressively adding to the list and revealing more as we build to launch, so watch this space.

Plus, as we alluded to earlier on the GRID social channels, it’s time to reveal a brand new circuit coming to GRID…

Welcome to Havana: the bustling yet exotic capital city of Cuba, in the northern Caribbean. Havana’s busy lifestyle and stunning architecture make it a perfect location for a street circuit in GRID. With every corner lined with roaring crowds, imposing buildings, and even the odd crashing wave from the Gulf of Mexico, there’s plenty of atmosphere to go with the on-track action.

Real talk: Havana is a superb circuit for racing across all classes. Whilst its twisty and unforgiving nature lends itself well to Tuner or Touring cars, I tested out Havana recently with the team using a Prototype class car and it was amazing. We’re planning to show you some Havana race footage soon, because we really can’t wait to see what you think of it.

– Chris


– Jon Armstrong, one of Codemasters’ resident real-life racing heroes, has been up to plenty of cool stuff recently. Fresh from nailing a sub-nine-minute lap of the Nürburgring Nordschleife in Ford Fiesta ST, Jon headed down to Wales to take part in the latest RX150 Rallycross Championship – and he only went and won it. Congrats Jonny!

– This year’s Brains Eden student games jam is about to get started at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge – and four members of the Codemasters team will be on the judging panel. Ara Carrasco, Ross Nicholas, Justin Andrews and Maxim Decaluew will all be casting their eye over proceedings. We’re delighted to be able to support this great opportunity for students to get into gaming and show off their creative and technological skills. Good luck to all!

– Don’t miss the Steam Summer Sale, which includes a bunch of deals on Codemasters titles. Discounts on games from the DiRT, F1 and GRID franchise all feature, as well as plenty more from the Codies archive. Sale ends July 9, so grab those deals while you can!

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