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June 12, 2014

Get that foot to the floor and drive it like you stole it in GRID Autosport’s Tuner Events!

The Tuner discipline will test your throttle management skills to the limit in Drift events, ask you to thrash Muscle cars and get fast and furious behind the wheel of Super Modified motors in Time Attack events and races.

Tuner events are all about style and control; you’ll be challenged to find the very edge of what your car can do, without taking it past the limit. And believe us, you’ll know when that limit is approaching as the crash barrier rapidly approaches the side of your car!


Speaking of cars, let’s take a look at the list of these sweetest of rides…

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Ford Mustang Boss 302
Chevrolet Camaro SS
Dodge Challenger SRT8 392

Nissan 2003 (S15) Silvia spec-R Aero
Honda S2000
Mazda RX-7 Type RZ (FD3S)

Classic Muscle Cup
Dodge Charger R/T
Plymouth AAR Cuda

Ford Mustang Boss 302 Modified
Chevrolet Camaro SS Modified
Honda S2000 Modified

C2 Drift
Nissan 2003 (S15) Silvia Drift Tuned
Nissan 2004 (Z34) 350 Nismo Drift Tuned
Mazda RX-7 (FD3S) Drift Tuned

Nissan Skyline Cup
Nissan 2005 (R34) nismo GT-R Z-Tune

Super Modified
Mazda Panspeed RX-7 (FD3S)
Honda 5zigen Civic

C1 Drift
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Team Orange
Nissan 2011 (Z34) Chris Forsberg Racing 370Z
Nissan 1993 (S13) Daijiro Yoshihara 240SX

Honda NSX R


To find out a little more about what you’ll be getting up to and how to succeed in the Tuner discipline, we caught up with expert Car Handling Designer Katie Weeks and demanded some insider info…

“There are many classes in the Tuner discipline, including muscle, JDM, modified and drift.

First we have the Time Attack cars, featuring muscle cars and the Super Modified machines such as the Mazda Panspeed RX-7 and the Honda Civic 5Zigen. You are competing against the clock and not directly against other drivers. These are lighter, grippier versions of street cars, which are well balanced and around 500bhp.

Drift cars are rear wheel drive, with increased steering lock and short gears which amplify the level of torque. Controlling these cars requires coordinating the amount of counter steer, modulating the throttle and brakes to shift the weight balance, as well as careful use of the handbrake. Timing is essential, or else you will simply spin out.

The Tuner discipline is all about precision, timing and car control.”


To join in the GRID Autosport discussion head on over to the forums, follow us on  Twitter or like us on Facebook and in case you missed it this week we also announced our complete car and track list.

If you hadn’t already done so then there’s still time left to pre-order the Black Edition while PC Racing fans will be pleased to hear that pre-orders are now live on Steam.

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