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June 23, 2014

So here we are, practice is all but done and there’s just a few fleeting moments of qualifying left, we’re on the final lap and copies of GRID Autosport are currently being placed upon the shelves of games retailers worldwide.

It seems like yesterday since we first announced GRID Autosport to the world, (April 22nd to be exact), and since then we’ve been detailing every inch of the game. In case you missed anything here’s everything you need to know!

Introducing GRID Autosport

Miss the original announcement? Here’s everything we said back on April 22nd.


A Focus on…

We’ve taken an in depth look at each of the five disciplines that are set to feature in GRID Autosport, which one will be your favourite?

The Track List

Every good racing game needs a great selection of locations to race around. In GRID Autosport we’ve 22 locations, 15 circuits, 7 cities and a combined route list totalling over 100.

The Car List

So we’ve got an awesome roster of locations, you’re going to need some cars. Step right this way!


Buy and sell cars, create a Club, weekly RaceNet challenges and more!


Your Race, Your Rules, Your Options

We outline all the options and assists that you’ll have available within GRID Autosport.

The Damage of GRID Autosport

With GRID Autosport going for a more authentic feel, we’ve added several new features to our mechanical damage, as well as improving existing features.

The Handling Chronicles

Go behind the scenes as we make one of the most important decisions in the development of GRID Autosport, a decision that would ultimately shape the handling of the game.

PC System Requirements

Playing on PC and want to know if your system will run GRID Autosport? Here’s the place you need.

Supported Steering Wheel and Controllers

Want to check if your G27 or T100 is fully compatible? You’ve come to the right place.


Achievement and Trophy List

Are you ready to earn that platinum?

Location Spotlights

Not just satisfied with a list of locations we take a more in depth look at some of the places you’ll be racing around

Gameplay Video

We’ve got a selection of GRID Autosport gameplay videos, we can’t wait to watch yours!

  • Ford GT40 MK1 Vs Mont Tremblant
  • Nissan 2003 (S15) Silvia Drift Tuned Vs Autosport Raceway


Last Chance to Pre-Order

The bad news is that time is running out if you want the Black Edition, but the good news is that there’s still time left to pre-order it!

Head on over to our website to find a retailer in your location or, if you play on Steam simply head to the store page where you’ll also get 10% off if you own GRID 2 and a free copy of DiRT Showdown too!

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