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June 20, 2014

We’re currently less than a week away from launch, something which is quite hard for us to fathom as it seemed like only yesterday we announced GRID Autosport to the world. The past few months have flown by in an automotive shaped blur.

GRID Autosport is now gold around the world, including Japan, and as you read this code is being burned onto discs and subsequently shipped to retailers worldwide. The game is now out of our hands and it’s heading full throttle straight into yours.

As with any game it’s always a nerve-wracking time for us.

As with any game it’s always a nerve-wracking time for us. So much work has been poured into GRID Autosport by everyone involved, we’ve thrown in copious amounts of love, desire and creativity and it’s all with one goal in mind, to create a great racing experience.

It’s a game where we were incredibly ambitious in terms of content, our selection of locations were conquered by our Level Designers, the 80+ cars were fine tuned by our Car Handling Team, our Programmers have worked wonders as they turned lines of code into the magic that holds everything together and then of course there’s you, our Community.

Without you we wouldn’t be here…

Without you we wouldn’t be here, you’re the ones that play our games, you give us valuable feedback, you tell us when we do good, you even let us know when we could do better (you’re pretty good at that!) But, above all else, you’re here. Many of you have been with us from the days of TOCA and we’re honoured and feel privileged that you’ve chosen to spend so much time playing our games.


Taking our Time, Doing it Right

Game development often hits unexpected problems despite immovable deadlines. For GRID Autosport we reached a significant technical stumbling block with the leaderboards in Time Trial, and had to pull it from the launch version of the game. Don’t worry though (pitchforks back in the shed please!) we’ll be re-instating it as soon as we are able after launch via a free update.

We know how important Time Trial is to you and we share the same sentiment, it’s incredibly important to us too which is why as you read this we’re already hard at work preparing it for arrival. Expect updates on that soon after launch.

Future Content

If you play on PC you’ll have access to the first piece of additional content the moment GRID Autosport launches; an HD texture pack that will increase the visual fidelity of the liveries and car exteriors. We wanted to make the pack optional as the 4K textures included will be a small hit on your performance, so instead of bumping up the minimum specs for everyone we thought we’d leave the decision in your own hands.

Alongside this, we will be supporting GRID Autosport with various bits of downloadable content. It was an area you gave us lots of feedback on in GRID 2 and this feedback has been at the heart of our content plans. While we won’t go into specifics about content just yet what we can say is that DLC will be broken down into two main categories.


Car Packs

Car packs are exactly how you’d imagine, they include new cars for the game and we’ve currently got three of these planned. Integration of the car packs is something that we know is hugely important to you, and through the feedback you’ve given us we’re confident that you won’t have any issues with mismatched compatibility. If you have a car pack and a friend doesn’t, you’ll still be able to race together and more importantly, see each other’s cars.

Mini – Expansions

Again, from the feedback we received we know you don’t like individual tracks being made available for DLC and you also told us that you prefer content that adds to both the single and multiplayer experience, so we’ve done just that for GRID Autosport.

There will be three mini-expansions for GRID Autosport

There will be three mini-expansions for GRID Autosport and each will have a specific ‘theme’ surrounding it. The mini-expansions will each include a selection of new locations, some will include new cars and in some cases new game modes entirely.

Each mini-expansion will also bring with it a brand new addition to the single player experience, so while you’ll be able to take your new content online, you’ll also be able to play it offline.

We’ll have more info on each of the new pieces of content closer to their release. It’s at this time we can confirm that there will be a Season Pass available for both PC and PlayStation 3.

The GRID Autosport adventure is only just beginning and we can’t wait for you to join us, the countdown to race day is on, we’ll see you on the track!

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